Chris Brown and his crew showed up to Rihanna’s Halloween Party in Hollywood last night dressed as the Taliban, causing lots of SMH’s from folks online after photos of his getup hit the Internet.

The singer and his friends accessorized their robes and turbans with guns, beards and bullet belts.  He Tweeted and Instagramed photos accompanied by the message: “Ain’t nobody f**king wit my clique!!!” a reference to the recent Kanye West track “Clique.”

The 23-year-old was attending Rihanna’s Halloween party, the 2012 Halloween Carnival, held at the Greystone Manor Supperclub in West Hollywood.

Rihanna was crowned Queen of the Carnival at the event.

What do you think of Chris Brown's costume? Is it fair or foul?

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4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Dresses as Taliban for Rihanna’s Halloween Bash

  1. steen_melinda69 on said:

    I have seen worst then this . Let’s not forget that we were all young once and we have done stupid things so remember not to judge to hard. Because even as adults we still do stupid things.

  2. Zabadread on said:

    this dude is stupid as hell they need to stop giving him a forum to display his stupidity another thing i’ll love to see him in the hood cause he love to beat on females i`ll enjoy F ing him up REAL TALK

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Shame on this Idiot. What is wrong with both Rhianna and Chris?
    They both deserve each other.
    Rhianna This Perverted idiot Chris Beat The Living Hell Out Of You Last Time , what do you expect next time?
    There is no way that sex is that good that it’s worth gettin back together with this Chris Brown Sicko? Oh maybe you’re nuts yourself Girl?

  4. Is there no end to this guy’s stupidity? The only person he notices and/or cares about is himself. You can’t chalk this up to him just being young. He’s just not a very intelligent person. Fortunately for him he can sing and dance or who knows where his ignorant behind would be right now.

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