FOREST HILL, Texas (AP) — A North Texas pastor was killed Monday by an attacker who rammed a car into a church wall, chased the pastor and beat him with an electric guitar, police said.

Police in Forest Hill, a suburb of Fort Worth, did not say why the unidentified suspect attacked the Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., the founding pastor of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church.

The suspect also died a short time after being taken into custody.

Forest Hill Police Chief Dan Dennis said the suspect drove his car into a church wall before noon Monday, apparently on purpose. The suspect got out of the car and began to attack the pastor in the parking lot before chasing him into the church, Dennis said. The church secretary hid and called 911, Dennis said.

Police arrived to find the suspect assaulting Kirk with an electric guitar that they believe was already inside the church, Dennis said. An officer used a Taser on the suspect, handcuffed him and put him in the back of a patrol car.

By then, Kirk had died, Dennis said. A maintenance worker who tried to help Kirk was injured and taken to an area hospital. His condition was unknown.

Dennis said the suspect was found unresponsive shortly after being detained and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Dennis said he didn't know if the suspect knew Kirk, attended the church or why he might have attacked the pastor.

Hours after the incident, hundreds of people remained outside the church, where crime-scene tape was wrapped around a small statue of Jesus near the wrecked car. Some hugged each other and cried, while others recalled Kirk as a dedicated minister who also had a bubbly personality and knew the all names of the several-hundred church members.

"He really was concerned about our souls," Montoya McNeil, a member for eight years, said as she wiped away tears. "You looked forward to being here. … I'm not asking God why, because I know where he (Kirk) is, but we won't get those big bear hugs and those great sermons anymore."

According to former Forest Hill mayor James Gosey, Kirk started the church years ago in a strip mall before building the red-brick church.

Kirk was also an unofficial volunteer chaplain who occasionally counseled members of a local high school football team, Fort Worth school district spokesman Clint Bond said.

"Our hearts are heavy right now," said Reginald Wilson, an associate minister at the church.


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7 thoughts on “Police: Pastor of North Texas Church Killed

  1. Truth1disciple on said:

    If the HOLY SPIRIT not spirits were truly dwelling in these houses, building called churches, Satan could not enter, James 4:7 ” Therefore submit to God resist the devil and satan will flee from you”.

  2. Zabadread on said:

    wow its sad to see that these devil’s are now taking their mess into the fathers house,,where is the respect………….im gonna just continue to pray cause it must get better

  3. Truth1disciple on said:

    Search, investigate, get knowledge and be revived, read 2 Chronicles 7:14-15; Hosea 4:6. Don’t you black folk-where you derive that name from is beknowest to me, don’t you realize you are the Hebrew Israelites that Moses was told to tell Pharoah to “let My people go”. You are Yahweh’s chosen people, you are the ones who are the disobedient, stiffnecked, obstinate, form of godliness but denying the power [2 Tim. 3:5] the women 2 Tim. 3:6-7 “gullible women” who these pastor “pimps” and their former bottom hoes who you now call first lady, who teach you to say and defend them by the incorrect usage of “touch not God’s anointed”, the players who speak smooth words and who sing sweet songs to touch your emotions then pastor pimp sets you up with charged, emotional sermonettes “to tickle your ears” then he cites truthfully and your too damn ignorant and spiritually blinded to know when he says before he takes you tricks called church members tithes and offering, “will a man rob God” which he does. So you black people as 1 Peter 4:17 admonishes, “Judgment starts at the house of God”. Now T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen have “hooked up” and you love it. As we say in the streets “pimping ain’t easy”. Now the pimps, players, hustlers, womanizers, hoes, gigolos, gigohoes, have you tricks called church members to work “for the love of their monies. So you still waiting for the rapture, for God to come save you from yourselves, black “slave mentality-imprisoned in your own minds” black folks!

  4. Truth1disciple on said:

    First creflo dollar church then. It is so sad to see this black folks who are guarantee did not attend this church gather outside, for it appears black folks love the “drama. Well people, especially you people who call yourselves “black people”, better wake up “revival”. Stop playing church, with your emphasis on what you call praise dancing and your loud “club music”. Notice every since you left Pharoah’s Egypt and went into the wilderness because of your disobedience, (partied while Moses retrieved the Ten Commandments) your still at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole. Stop being so damn stiff necked, obstinate, church going, church ran by pimps (pastors) and first ladies (bottom hoes). You stop the black-on-black crime, for the KKK has retired because you n….. are destroying your own ignorant, neighborhoods and selves.

  5. Charles D. on said:

    Stop, all you are saying is that all blacks are crime people..When your family members are sick and dying who you gona call.. not all men of God are pimps.Sorry…You hate God. So you try us( His people)..You say true, but then you go way left or right. Sorry you are dead Wrong. God Is able to Forgive……and me….Bless the preacher haters….

  6. mnmamma on said:

    Instead of pointing fingers at people, pray for the person that did this horrible thing. Pray for the pastor’s family. Pray for the members. Pray! Even Jesus asked for the forgiveness of those that inflicted pain, suffering and death. May God have mercy on us all.

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