COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (AP) — The pastor of a Georgia megachurch is seeking to raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars to help a church volunteer who was gunned down inside a chapel.

The Rev. Creflo Dollar on Sunday told members of World Changers Church International that the goal is to raise $234,000 for the family of 39-year-old Greg McDowell.

Police say Floyd Palmer calmly walked into a chapel on the church campus Wednesday, approached McDowell as he led a prayer service and shot him to death. Palmer has been charged with murder. His lawyer didn't returned phone calls from The Associated Press.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Dollar said the church aims to erase all debts for McDowell's family, and urged congregation members to "show the world the power of a megachurch."

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4 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Seeks $234k for Shooting Victim

  1. mspattymelt on said:

    In FULL agreement with Zabadread…..just another form of STILL PIMPING THE PEOPLE! and Im sure they will raise more than that for the family BUT will they get ALL they raise for them??? He meant just what he said—‘zombies’ do as I have asked you to do…..because of pastors like him I see exactly why Jesus told the rich ruler YOU sell (your possessions) and YOU distribute them? Luke 18…but so many in today s society so busy following the ‘man’ they have forsaken the MASTER!!!!!!!!!! I ll get my money directly to the family….

  2. Bfab40 on said:

    Actually, I agree with Zabadread…I was thinking the same thing. Why is he raising money and only $234K for this family? He can afford to give much more himself! Maybe he will match it?

  3. Zabadread on said:

    all the money this pastors has he’s going to ask his congregation to foot that bill? come on now the church has been footing his bills for years so he can live the life he lives,,,wake up people

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