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Chevy Chase recently had an outburst on the set of his TV show "Community" and used the n-word during his expression of frustration.

According to reports, the 69-year-old actor is displeased with different things about the show and while voicing his opinions, the legendary actor used the inflammatory term.

However, many people are standing behind Chase saying it was not intended to offend anyone.

Instead, Chase was complaining about his narrow-minded character, Pierce, who is constantly making racist or derogatory remarks.

Chase was unhappy with the script he was given, and in response angrily suggested that he might be next told to call his black castmates Donald Glover's character Troy or Yvette Nicole Brown's character the "N-word."

Reportedly, the former "SNL" comedian also "apologized immediately" to his costars.

Chase was trying to object to the racist role being created by "Community" producers, however, many believe there is never a right time for a white man to use the N-word.

What do you think of Chevy Chase saying the N-Word? Did he have a point?


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7 thoughts on “Chevy Chase Uses the N-Word

  1. Ceepia62 on said:

    The way you’re saying he said it seems offensive. I’m of the generation who believes the “N” word is inflammatory. It doesn’t matter who says it. I will never consider it a term of endearment. Chevy could have expressed himself in countless different ways.

  2. pac4me on said:

    Come on Chevy – Please!!! Give me a break – we’re not stupid, you said what you meant. There were numerous ways to express your displeasure – #1 way was to refuse the script (But then that all mighty green($) made you think differently) – I think that whenever a white person uses the N word – they mean it – especially when it just rolls off their tongues and then they think oops

  3. Nspeach on said:

    Sounds like Chase was protesting racist scripts he’s been getting, which makes his use of the N-word “shock value” to make his point to writers who probably weren’t getting his previous objections.
    This also brings attention to the writers of this show to stop with the racist BS.

  4. chaquille on said:

    I don’t use the N word, and I don’t like when people use it!!!! When I hear young guys in my community use it, I usually shoot them the look…..Some of them get it and some of the don’t……

  5. writegirl1437 on said:

    I take issue with the following statement in your article: “However, many believe there is never a right time for a white man to use the N-word”. I feel that it is never a right time for ANYONE, (including African Americans), to use the N-word. I am an AA, but I am offended when other AA freely use that derogatory term, and then want to turn around and get angry when a white person uses it. It’s derogatory no matter WHOSE lips are uttering it. Period.

  6. Djenaba247 on said:

    There is nothing wrong with the way Mr Chase used the “N-word”. He used it to clarify not to offend…. if his character were real, I believe the character would say the word. Stop the distraction from real issues.

  7. Regardless of who uses the word, it’s not a good word to use by anyone. We as black people also need to stop using it. We can’t get mad when other people use the word when we as black people are using it to degrade each other.

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