Today the TJMS crew noticed that First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both wore hot pink at last night's presidential debate.

Flotus wore a pink knee-length dress with a matching pink overcoat. Romney wore a pink short-sleeved dress with an aqua necklace.

So we want to know who do you think rocked the pink better?

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5 thoughts on “First Lady Michelle Obama, Ann Romney Wear Pink

  1. What????????? NOW you know there ain’t even no comparison between the two. Hands down First Lady was a class act as usual, and she is an outstanding representation for President Obama all day, everyday.

  2. Listening Viewer on said:

    What with that?…Dishwater blonde wearing dishwater pink? First Lady has a glow that makes the color pink that she’s wearing look richer and brighter.

  3. Della1 on said:

    First Lady, First lady, First lady……….I LOVE THE DEBATE…..President Obama put his foot in the place where it don’t shine LAST NIGHT……..Obama 2012

  4. JAZZIE2K on said:

    Ann Romney looked pale from an upset stomach after the debate, like she needed some Pepto-Bismal – the color of her dress. The First Lady on the other hand looked stunning – Hot Chocolate and Hot Pink – simply beautiful!

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