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Is Jennifer Hudson scared of marriage?

Her fiancée popped the question four years ago, and they’re still not married. What’s the hold up?

David Otunga, the lucky man in love with a now skinny singer is tired of waiting, apparently.

Certainly Jennifer has every right to take her time, being that her family was hit with tragedy. It appeared, however, after the killer was brought to justice that things were getting back on track for the couple to make it all the way official.

But recently a source close to the family told that her man is about finished with putting off the vow making.

“Jennifer started feeling like it just wasn’t right,” a source told earlier this year. “So many bad things have happened since they got engaged in 2008 that have prevented them from finally getting married, and she was worried that she was just trying too hard to make something happen that wasn’t meant to be.”

But Jennifer expressed during an interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that a wedding date has been set and it could happen within the next two years.


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7 thoughts on “RUMOR: David Otunga’s Fed Up with Jennifer Hudson

  1. cali'sfinest on said:

    He looks suspect.. reminds me of Terry McMillian’s ex…. wayyy to metro-sexual for me!
    I’d bet a year after they are married (if they every do) he’ll come out as gay and be requesting alimony!

  2. blackmagic on said:

    She probably would make a horrible spouse as I……….Obviously either will be fine regardless, notwithstanding prenups.

  3. pac4me on said:

    In today’s world we do things backwards – You’re supposed to meet your mate, get married, live together, have children, & grow old together – That hasn’t happened for them in that order, so if Ms Jenn wants to wait or never go down the isle – who are we to say anything – we don’t take care of them

  4. chaquille on said:

    She probably doesn’t want to be married…..None of her immediate family would be there…..I know that is hard…..My mom died when I was young, and I never wanted to be married…..Who would give me my something old, new borrowed, and blue???

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