Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her home after her utilities were shut off for non-payment.

Pilar who is involved in a nasty divorce battle with former NFL player Deion Sanders, is having a hard time making ends meet, according to her publicist Kali Bowyer.

According to Rumor Fix, Pilar’s attorneys filed an emergency request to get Deion to continue with his support payments.

Deion makes $161,565.25 a month and is worth $250 million. However, his attorneys are claiming the $10,500 in child support is extreme and six times what everyone else in Texas pays.

Plus, they claim paying the utilities is not a child support expense.


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12 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Forced To Move Out Her Home After Electricity Is Turned Off

  1. AmberT on said:

    I don’t get why she wasn’t able to pay for her utility bills? Does that mean she’s not working at all after they separated? Why would she rely on her child’s financial support? For God’s sake. She’s old enough to think for herself. I hate to say this but she’d better live with it starting now because if she will not, I guess she’ll see herself swimming in debt in the future. Besides, she could get a payday loan to pay for her utility bills and pay it back after a month. Come on. There are a lot of ways.

  2. pnutbutta on said:

    None of us know the WHOLE story but together or not, if this is the house that they so proudly broadcast on their reality show, if the house is going to be hers, SHE NEEDS TO SELL THAT SHYT AND MOVE!!! Yeah, we know the “kids grew up there”…and so what! Common sense is better than “looking” like you’re ballin’! Move somewhere smaller! What did you do BEFORE meeting Deion….if you were a “video queen”…you might be in trouble…..lot of those out there these days….

  3. Godlysoldier01 on said:

    If she can’t pay her light bill off of $10.5k a month, then perhaps she needs to live just a bit BENEATH her means! #moneymanagement101skillsneeded

  4. ms.young on said:

    Looks fade, dumb is for ever! I can’t beleive this woman did not stash some of the money she and Deion made together. Let this be alesson Pilar. Never rely solely on a man, no matter how much money he has and how many kids you bore him. Always have your own money! Especially when your married to a high profile person such as your ex.

  5. johnnyrussell on said:

    Pilar, you had it made w/a charming, well liked and very handsome husband. And all of a sudden everything was your way or the highway? Deion choose the highway. Pilar, I don’t care how fine your think you are honey, any man who ain’t a playa (OCHO CINCO) making that kinda money, you need to do your part in being a happy wife. Now you can’t pay the utilities. Wish you could start over?

  6. vjhxxx on said:

    Where are you getting this information about Deion Sanders net worth? I saw the ESPN documentary “BROKE” and his name appeared in the captions that he declared bankruptcy several years ago. Hey Pilar, you may need to go back to school to upgrade your skills because a big booty and a smile is not enough.

  7. loycetate on said:

    I thought that child support was 20% of gross so why not $32,000 per month if he is making $161k a month. I agree with getting a life but what about doing the right thing. If you are laid on your back, billions won’t mean a thing without your health. What do the men think about while they lavish others with their wealth like the new mistress doesn’t want what the wife had, I don’t understand. Pilar should get back to where she was before the marriage cause kids don’t gauarantee you financial support. OBAMA 2012

  8. vernitahart on said:

    Okay Deion paying the light bill to make sure your children are okay should not be a problem. Keep the receipts so when you go back to court, you can show the extra mile you went for the kids. Come one now it could have not been that much. And as for Pilar what are you doing while the divorce is going on….just sitting and waiting for child support. You women really are sickening. You had a life before you became Mrs. Sanders, you paid bills, and worked why can”t you pick up where you left off. It’s women like you and Usher’s ex that give women bad names. OMG, ladies life goes on, pick up the pieces and move on!

  9. Zabadread on said:

    this is what happen to these Birds who want to live off child support,,get a life Bird your pretty face cant pay those bills huh………………Obama 2012

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