Former NBA player and sports commentator Charles Barkley is coming to the defense of his friend Tiger Woods.

In an interview with, Greg Norman criticized Woods’ recent golf performance and said he believes Woods is intimidated by rising star Rory McIllroy.

Although Woods did not defend himself publicly, Barkley did.

Barkley went on EPSN’s Waddle and Silvy’s Radio Show to express his disappointment in Woods for not addressing the critical remarks.

"I don't understand why he just lets people treat him any type of way. I wish he would just go ballistic on Greg Norman. You just can't let people say anything to you about you when you're minding your own business. Tiger's always taking the high road. I wish I could just put some of my blackness in him," Barkley commented.

When Barkley was asked to explain what he meant by “blackness,” he referred to it as “toughness” that is unrelated to “mental golf toughness.”

Woods and Barkley have shared a close friendship in recent years. In previous interviews, Barkley admitted that he was nearly in tears while watching Woods struggle during the 2011 Golf Tournament.

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