A man in Texas decided to make a statement against President Obama by hanging an empty chair from a tree in front of his Northwest Austin home.

A fold-up chair, with an American flag attached to it, was hung from a tree in front of Bud Johnson’s home in the Spicewood Estates area Wednesday night, and some neighbors complained that it was racist.

After the political blog burntorangereport.com first reported it, KEYE TV News tracked down Johnson for an interview. As reporter Lydia Pantazes and photojournalist Mario Pena arrived at his house Thursday morning, Johnson was taking down the chair and he advised Pantazes and Pena “to get the hell away.”

When Pantazes asked him why he hung the chair from the tree, he responded “Haven’t you heard of the Clint Eastwood thing with the empty chair?”

Johnson also said he’s not a racist and that he doesn’t dislike any race. In addition, he said the chair was not being “lynched.”  When Pantazes asked why he had it hanging from the tree, he said the tree was “the only place I had to put the damn thing.”

Johnson then placed the chair on his lawn a few feet away from the tree.

Pantazes talked to a neighbor who told her that Johnson is an overall “good neighbor and a nice guy. He’s just a really conservative Republican.” The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, thought the issue was taken out of context.

Robert Stephenson, who also lives in the area, called the display “pretty racist,” and said there’s “no way you can take that the wrong way. …I’m glad he took it down. I just hope he don’t put it back up.”

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9 thoughts on “Texas Man Hangs Empty Chair from Tree Symbolizing Obama

  1. africanwarrior on said:

    Vote Obama in 012 . Why worry about a senile illiterate old White Man who is a KKK Tea Party sympathizer .
    This Guy represent 35% of hardcore racists .
    Do You want to pee this guy off? Vote Obama in 2012, drag your friends to the polls, register stop the 35% hardcore racists Tea Partiers.

  2. We know that a worm that crawls on the ground in the form of a grass-eating caterpillar very soon wraps itself into a cocoon and transforms, emerging from a distasteful state as a slimy, hairy worm to become a creature capable of flying with celestial beauty. Transformation is a process which characterizes the entirety of the universe around us and it is an implicit part of the human possibility. The only difference is that the caterpillar will either have to become a butterfly or die. One of the things about the larva of the bee is that it either has to become a bee or die. One of the interesting things about the human being is that he can stay a worm forever and appear to be a thriving form of life. We never have to become human butterflies to appear alive in this world. One of the things that is unique about the human being is that he has an option that either he will be or not be. If he chooses not to be he can die proudly as a slimy, hairy worm. A lot of people in this country have taken the option not to be.
    Imagine dying racist, stupid, and not knowing love, THE REAL MEANING OF HELL RIGHT HERE ON EARTH.

  3. Serpentine11 on said:

    This is the stupidest sh*t ever. This doesn’t upset me one bit. IMO, this doesn’t represent President Obama at all. Clint was only imagining President Obama sitting in a chair, hence the word IMAGINING. President Obama was never there and never sat for Clint, so it NEVER WAS. For me, this is just a senile old @ss man that hung a EMPTY chair from his tree.

    People we have to learn to pick our battles. We can’t be surprised by anything some people do since President Obama took office. Have a good weekend!

  4. shantacrawford@sbcglobal.net on said:

    O.K. Here we go again. Austin, Texas, Tree. What more do we need to let us know that this was clearly a racist sign. The guys picture lets me know that he knew exactly what he meant. In Texas they hung Black Men for sport on Sat. Night and then they took pictures of it and showed it to their children.

  5. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    THIS IS A CLEAR CLAN VIOLATION IT CLEARLY STATES ON PAGE ON PAGE 711 WHEN POSTING HATE IN YOUR FRONT YARD…………… where you can get shot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HEAD DRESS AND WHITE SHEET…..cheater,

  6. Clint Eastwood used the chair to represent Mr. Obama. So Mr. Johnson was following Clint Eastwood’s lead and hung the chair (Mr. Obama). My Granny used to say “Folks and Flies the more I deal with folks I’d rather deal with flies”. Some folks have lost their rabbit minds.

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