President Barack Obama will log thousands of miles on Air Force One during the next 53 days as he campaigns across the country asking voters to give him another four years in the White House.

When Obama travels to Nevada and Colorado on Wednesday to pitch his economic plan to skeptical voters, he will need a convincing argument that explains why the 96,000 jobs recently added to the workforce is a significant step forward.

Two months before Election Day, there is only one narrative driving the Obama campaign’s re-election strategy: creating jobs for millions of unemployed Americans.

It’s an ambitious goal – and achievable in time.

The Labor Department said last week that employers added just 96,000 jobs in August, down from 141,000 in July. Even though the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent, economists said the rate dropped because so many people quit looking for jobs so they were no longer counted as unemployed.

So as Obama boards Air Force One on Wednesday to campaign in Las Vegas and Denver, his senior campaign advisors are keenly aware of this noteworthy statistic: No incumbent president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has won re-election with unemployment higher than 7.8 percent.

Obama, however, is not focused about the past; he's only concerned about the future. As he crisscrosses the country, the president is telling Americans that the economy is improving but he's also quick to explain that it will take more time, perhaps years, for Americans to personally feel the recovery.

“While there is more work that remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression,” Alan B. Krueger, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, there is compelling evidence that indicates Obama's message is starting to resonate with voters.

New major polls show Obama extending his lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney by six points after last week’s Democratic National Convention.  According to the CNN/ORC International Poll, 52% of likely voters nationwide back the president, compared with 46% for Romney. Just before the Democratic convention, Obama was tied with Romney 48%-48%.

And to build on the president's lead, Obama’s advisors will begin to prepare Obama for the first presidential debate against Romney on Oct. 3 – a debate the Obama campaign feels very confident about.

Even Republicans are now starting to get nervous. Some influential Republican leaders have told POLITICO privately that it appears that Obama now has a clearer path to success.

“Their map has many more routes to victory,” a top Republican official told POLITICO. Two GOP officials said Ohio leans clearly in Obama’s favor now. They said Romney can still win the presidency if he loses Ohio, but it would be very difficult.

But on the campaign trail, Romney blasted Obama saying the 96,000 jobs added to the workforce in August is pathetic.

 “The weak jobs report is devastating news for American workers and American families,” Romney said. "[It’s] a harsh indictment of the president’s handling of the economy.”

Despite Romney’s criticism of Obama, Romney still has the burden of perception: that he’s a callous billionaire who is only interested in offering tax breaks to other wealthy Americans while leaving middle-class and poor citizens to fend for themselves.

Most Americans say they don't find Romney as "likable" as Obama, perhaps because Romney often appears stiff on the campaign stump and often bars reporters from his fundraising events. For a man who desperately wants to hold public office, Romney certainly relishes his privacy.

In the meantime, Obama told a cheering crowd in West Palm Beach, Florida that he will get America back on track if he's re-elected to the White House.

"We've got less than two months left, but let me tell you something; if you give it your all for these next two months, I'm confident we're going to get there," Obama said Sunday. "We can't let up now because we've got more good jobs to create, we've got more homegrown energy to generate," Obama said.  "We've got more good schools to build and more great teachers to hire.  We've got more young people to send to college.  We've got more troops to bring home."

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6 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Obama Leads Romney By Six Percentage Points

  1. When the voters are reminded that the Rethugithans and the tea baggers said “NO!!” to everything that MY President wanted to help us move forward, the struggling middle class will think about what they need-not being a ‘hater’, the way Mitt and company wants them to be.
    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Folks the red necks are counting on us to fall back asleep like we did in 2010.The polls are like ping pong balls,bouncing around,up and down.Pay no attention to their polls.Just get up outta bed on November 6.Put on some good clothes,call cousin Pee Wee,tell aunt Mary to get dressed.Get in touch with Snoop.Wake momma up..Tell them all we’re going to spend our million dollar VOTE.Now run real fast and tell that good news…

  3. msfineonenhere on said:

    i want it to go up to 60 points ahead of bitt rommery yes i said bitt and paul lying do not to be in the white house unless it is their own home my question where is the 99% people at during the cold weather they were out in great numbers now that the weather is great they are no where to be seen also where are the rappers oprah the major afro american celebrities at in getting everyone out to get registered and to vote where oh where are they at with all the big money they make they should be out in numbers supporting obama because if bitt gets elected we will all be back on the plantation saying “yes ah mass-ah”

  4. africanwarrior on said:

    This not the time for arrogance and over confidence, this is not a baseball or football game. Keep fighting hard. Tell the world That We are Way better Off Today Than We were 4Yrs ago because of Obama , don’t apoligize , be bold and tell them the truth that we were loosing 800,000 jobs a month and that Obama’s policies have helped create over 4,5 million jobs . Tell them that Bush inherited a huge surplus that he gave to Wall street Billionaires , the same people who were about to bankrupt America . Tell Them Obama saved the Auto Industry , and that Romney and his Tea Party Pal wanted the Auto Industry Bankrupt . No apoligy . Fight ,Fight ,Fight untill we win . This Election is not About Obama, or Joyner it’s about You, and your familly .

  5. Negroes stop being so Political Incompetent. All POTUS have challengers from the opposite party. Stop All this foolish talk of someone Hating, Rednecks, and all this other ghetto incompetence. You think the White Democrats are not Rednecks. If we had a White POTUS in office with Black unemployment rates off the charts at over 14%, and no solutions for it getting better, would you re-elect him. If you had unemployed middle class families now having to apply for food stamps and government assistance to survive, would you be supporting this White POTUS. Probably Not Black folks. Listen Black folks, Obama had the luxury in his first 2 years in office with a majority Democrats in House and Senate. But having only a Slumlord Community Organizer experience, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over. Obama FAILED to start the recover process he pledged and promised All Americans. Now He is getting the treatment that Weak POTUS get when the other party sees that the leader is incapable of getting the job done. If you paid attention to the political activities of previous POTUS, then you would have known that Clinton , George W. Bush were harshly treated by the opposite parties. Give me a break, Folks, Obama don’t have the respect of his own party. There are many Democrats that know Obama is WEAK and INCOMPETENT. Speaking of plantation, I haven’t heard any White POTUS to tell Black folks openly on national tv to Stop being LAZY, “Get of the Couch and do something for yourselves”. Obama don’t respect Black folks PERIOD. Blacks politically in America have no representation. But you criticize the White man for his beliefs, but not Obama for Shamefully disgracing Blacks while praising Latinos and White Americans. Black folks all Obama can offer you is Guaranteed Food Stamps. No Hope. No Change. No Job. No Future. PERIOD.

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