In THE AJ ZONE, we have a week 1-3 step formula that works!

1.   Learn what the issues are that are blocking your better

It may be poor time management, no support and guidance, too much sodium, or fat or you may need detoxifying to aid nutrients in their absorption.  Whatever is blocking you from reaching your better lifestyle, we will help you identify the issues.

2.    Design a weekly fail safe goal

Now that we know what’s blocking you, let’s look at your current lifestyle and begin to set goals that will be realistic and attainable. Self sabotage is the leading cause of unmet goals in healthy living.  Let’s not set overwhelming goals let’s design guaranteed success! Success this week 1 is slowly but surely unblocking the blocks…this alone will motivate you to better!

3.    Design the plan to reach the goal

Now let’s get to work! Assignments will be given daily to help you transform 1 day at a time.  Look for instructions here and speak directly with AJ while gaining support of others after their better in 21 days using the amazing app Hallo.*

Go to THEAJZONE.COM to learn more.

*Hallo is a “texting with a voice” app available for Androids and iphones.Simply tweet us with “I WANT TO TRANSFORM IN 21” then download the app,>follow THE AJZONE>request confirmation>receive your first instructional voice message from AJ personally!


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