Contender #1: The Dallas Cowboys for beating Oakland Raiders 3-0, joking, "that score was lower than George Wallace's mama's IQ test."

Contender #2: The Oakland Raiders, "seriously, you couldn't score anything!" exclaims Huggy, c'mon.

Contender #3: Anderson Cooper's boyrfriend Ben for being caught cheating on "America's favorite gay guy" Cooper. Saying "do you know how many people recognize you as AC360's boyfriend."

Contender #4 & Contender #5: Chad Johnson and Chad Ochocino because this week has been like a scene from "Final Destination" or "Punk'd."

Huggy felt so bad for Chad Johnson that he didn't want to name him "Bama of the Week" so instead he named Chad Ochocinco.

Already announced this week as an official member of the "Bama of the Week" hall of fame, it's no surprise Ochocinco was chosen to be this week's "Bama of the Week": but now he has been added as a "lifetime" member.

It has been a rough six days "Chad Nueve-uno-uno",  I mean, Ochocinco.



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