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New photos have leaked exposing Naomi Campbell’s troublesome bald spots.

Vacation photos of the international supermodel are making their way around the Web revealing her heavily damaged hairline. In recent years, bloggers and critics of the diva have watched her hairline take a toll from using hair extensions over a number of years.

“It’s hideous, what did she do? It looks really bad!” said hair stylist Kazumi Morton from the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. “I have been doing hair extensions for years but I have never had a problem like this.”

Morton explained that the hairline and neck are the most fragile areas to avoid when attaching extensions.

“I think whoever put the extensions in they put them way too close,” Morton added. “. They are way too close to the scalp as well, they need to be at least a half inch away.”

The stylist also said that the amount of time Campbell has been wearing the extensions can be a possible cause.

“If she had been doing it correctly every time and not so often it wouldn’t have caused this problem,” revealed Morton. “Hair needs rest, at least every three months or so, so she is doing it too much.”

Stylist Jennifer J. of Juan Juan Salons in Beverly Hills and Brentwood claims that the supermodel can still save her scalp and tresses by breaking free from the weaves and receiving hair treatment.

“There is a good chance that it can grow back again, but if the trauma continues, the damage is going to become permanent and the hair won’t return,” she said, adding that cortisone therapy prescribed by a dermatologist could help the healing.