Territory is a big deal to Chris Bosh. Although he plays in Florida, he swears his residence is in Texas.

Although he bought a 12,000 square-foot home in Biscayne Bay in 2010 for $12.5 million, he says the seven-bedroom eight bath home with an infinity pool and an elevator isn’t really his home, home. It’s just, you know… a spot to stay in while working.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra, the Miami Heat star claims in recent court papers in Orlando, where he is in a money battle against the mother of his child Allison Mathis, that he really lives in a different state. However, most believe he’s actually attempting to gyp the system by using his Texas address in a lower middle class neighborhood in the Dallas area.

His 1,900 square-foot Texas home  is worth $73,000.

Will it be a convincing argument in court? It’s hard to tell; especially because things don’t appear to be in his favor being that he’s an $18-million-a-year earning athlete.

If he does win the argument, however, he would only have to continue to pay $2,600 a month for child support for his daughter.

But if the judge doesn’t read through the lines, he’ll have to pay three-percent of his monthly income, which is $30,000 a month to Allison Mathis.

Mathis’ lawyer, Jane E. Carey, stated: “He’s fighting like a dog to remain a Texas resident. It is just not true that he lives in Texas. Even his son was born (in May) in Miami.”

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13 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Trying to Avoid Paying Hefty Child Support

  1. ksting75 on said:

    Been following this story for a while…..Babymama of his daughter filed for an increase in child support after his wife gave birth to the son in May, she has only been receiving $2600 a month for the last 2 years. Chris has been fighting for custody or at least increased visitation and babymama has blocked all efforts saying that her daughter is very attached to her. Chris even wanted to take his daughter to London to the Olympics with his wife and other children, but babymama said that the daughter could not go unless she was going also. Dont know too many wives that would allow that, so the daughter is not going. Also, she lost her job after going to LA to be on basketball wives, which he had blocked by a court order. Surely, I believe that he needs to take care of and provide for his child, but it does make you wonder if this is retaliatory because he is moving on without babymama.

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    Why is this brain surgery> Question???? Where did he file his taxes last year? Where was his address listed on his tax eturn i thought that was the defining rule on where your residency is. Or did he file any taxes????? He needs to stop playing fast and loose with his child’s well being. From the video that I saw he was excited about the child when the mother was pregnant so what’s the problem? Take care of your child in the fashion that the court orders. Period point blank

  3. jimmyg on said:

    Fellas, sometimes it’s really cheaper to keep her…She is the mother of your son.
    Are you afraid some other man will help spend some of that 18 million bucks to
    Help raise your son?..Sounds like Chris Bosh can afford it..

  4. dbell93 on said:

    What her status was is irrelevant. He knew what he was laying down with. At $30,000 a month, subtracted from his 18,000,000 a year (he can write it off on his taxes), maybe he will think twice before sexing it up. There is a cost to having a baby moma and it’s all relevant. These atheletes, rappers, etc. think they can play without paying (at least they want to name the price). They had better think about the price before they leap. These guys need to realize that they are only human beings with a skill, others may have their own idea of what this interaction is worth. That includes walking away from a relationship.

  5. dbell93 on said:

    What her status was is not relevant, she is now a baby moma of a $18,000,000 a year PLAYER. I think $30,000 would do nicely. He can write it off. He could raise the child himself, but based on his actions here, he isn’t going for that. Men need to pay the price when they think with their … instead of their brains. Especially atheletes. They don’t believe that they are responsible for their actions, including, decisions that result in having a baby. There are consequences to sex and they think that rule does not apply to them. There are also consequences in leaving a relationship for a new one. At $30,000 a pop, I will bet ole Chris will be more careful in the future.

  6. dbell93 on said:

    You are absolutely right, he could fight for custody. He most likely won’t. Another thing you are right about, Some women are just fucking crazy.

  7. chaquille on said:

    No sweetie, I am speaking straight and forward!!! I don’t hate women I just want to know, how did she live before you got with this dude that makes lots of money? ?? I have lived off of less than that with a child, house, car, and tuition!!! Why would the child feel like a throw away??? Nothing is saying he is not going to take care of the child, I just wonder how much money she think she should get??? Just because he gets 18 million doesn’t mean she should get 18 million or half…..He should take the damn baby if she can not afford to take care of the baby and take care of him/her himself……Some women are just fucking crazy!!!!!

  8. chaquille on said:

    Very serious…..Is she trying to get more money because he married someone else other than her??? No one is saying he should not take care of the baby, I just wonder what some of these women’s statuses were befoe they met these men???

  9. Cashsmom on said:

    Read it again the mother of his daughter not his son. One is the girlfriend/babymama and the other is his wife. His babymama just got laid off of her job too.

  10. dbell93 on said:

    You are talking out the side of your neck. You sound like one of those women who hate women. Sure you can live off $3,000 per month, but not very well, with a child. Why should this child grow up feeling like a total throw away, while Chris and his future live like kings and queens? This sister is his baby moma, he has some say in that. He is just as responsible for this situation as the woman. Men need to be held accountable for their decisions and actions too. If you don’t want to hand money over to baby momas, you better watch yourself. That’s crying foul after you have had your fun. Where in the h..l do you live. Do you know what extra space in the home, daycare, clothing, food, etc. for just one child can add to a budget.

  11. TheRealMrs.Davis on said:

    I’m a woman and I make $3300 a month. I am a married woman with a toddler and if it wasn’t for my husband, I could not make it. Student loans, car note, utilities, food, DAYCARE ($1,150 per month), etc. Chris Bosh is making $18,000,000 a year and is trying to act as if he’s living in a house in Texas that probably costs less than one of the cars that go up and down the elevator in his FL home. Serious?

  12. chaquille on said:

    I am a woman and I think a lot of this is bullshit!!! Where the hell does she live and what do they eat that she can not make it on $3,000.00 per month??? How do you expect your standard of living to be his, if you don’t make the same kind of money he does? If I was he, and I say this to dudes I know that will NEVER see that type of money, “take care of your baby yourself and keep all your money”……

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