Whether one loves to wear make-up or not, it's always nice to have a small make-up bag in hand just in case one needs to change up their look quickly or adjust their make-up on site. Whether, it's in a car, a restroom, or at a friend's home we all have those moments when one's current look is just not working. Here are seven make-up must haves every woman needs to make their make-up fix as effortless as possible.

On-the-Go Mascara

Now mascara comes in colorful shades like blue and violet, but the best option for a purse is to keep it basic with black or brown. Choose the mascara color based on the color of one's eyebrows. If you have extremely dark features "extra black" mascara might be a good fit for you. If not, pick a nice black or dark brown if your features are lighter. The best advice is to try it out and see what fits you best. Finally, pick a moderately priced mascara with a brush specific to your needs, like lengthening, thickening, or natural.

Eye Shadow Kit

Sometimes we leave the house without make-up, then something comes up and we need to spruce up our look. Small eye shadow kits can be bought at your local store and they are the best option for the on-the-go woman because of times like this. The kits include an array of colors, from natural to vibrant tones, which is important so one can match their eye shadow to the outfit they are wearing.

Cotton Swab

This little stick is useful for more than cleaning your ears. In fact, it works double time in a woman's make-up kit. The swab can be used to blend one's eye shadow which is one of the most important parts of eye shadow appliance. Plus, swabs can also be used to clean make-up and remove extra make-up that may have smeared on one's face while applying. No one likes messy eye shadow, keep it neat.


Maybe some are wondering what do I need lotion for? Well, it's perfect for a quick clean up and great for moisturizing. Apply a tiny bit of lotion to a cotton swab and it becomes just as effective as make-up wipes to remove make-up. It's also important to moisturize one's face, so always keep a bottle of face-friendly lotion in tow to keep the skin glowing and smooth.

Concealer & Brush

Don't cover up your face with heavy foundation if you do not need to. Instead use a concealer brush to cover up dark spots and blend away any blemishes. When purchasing the brush, pick a travel size and one with a cap to keep a mess out of the purse.


A good tweezer is probably the most important thing for one's purse because it's the perfect tool to keep ones eyebrows in good shape until the next salon appointment. Find a slant-tip, preferably metal, tweezer and find a pocket in the purse to keep it from being lost and it makes it easier to find. Finally, when plucking pull from the root and in the same direction of the growth.

Lip Gloss

Nothing sets off a look like a nice lip gloss. Carry two options, one clear or nude option for a more natural look to match with a make-up less face or subdued colors. Along with that, carry a color-based lip gloss to add a pop of color to one's look. Lastly, when picking a shade do not simply choose a color based off of trend. Instead find a bright color that works with your skin tone. Hot pink lip gloss doesn't look perfect on everyone so choose wisely.

All of these items can be found at one's local drugstore or superstore. There's no need to spend too much money on them but they are worth the pennies. Lastly, when choosing colors for concealer, mascara, gloss, or eye shadow match it to your skin tone and look. Trends are great just make sure it  compliments you.  Match yourself, not a magazine cover!


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