A little girl helped reveal President Barack Obama’s favorite Girl Scout cookie.

The little girl approached the microphone at a Cincinnati town hall to ask the President about his favorite Girl Scout cookie.

President Obama described the inquiry as one of his “toughest questions.”

He continued to respond that “the mint one” was his favorite.

Although many in the town hall crowd agreed with cheers, one responder booed.

"That's just me," Obama said, addressing the dissenter. "I didn't mean to create controversy here… You've got a different opinion, what are you, oatmeal?"

The opposition admitted that their favorite was peanut butter. However, it didn’t sway the President’s position.

"Peanut butter is a good choice too, but I'm going with the mint," Obama said.

The Girl Scouts of America reported that Thin Mints are actually their most popular selling cookie. The minty confection produces 25 percent of all cookie sales.

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