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Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Christelyn Karazin on her story "Why Doesn't the Black Community Value Marriage" about the idea of illegitimate children and the lack of value placed on marriage in the black community. She notes that 80% of black children are born out of wedlock, while only 19% of those parents living together.


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One thought on “Jacque Reid Goes Inside Her Story with Christelyn Karazin

  1. sick and tired of the BS on said:

    Great interview, Christelyn. It’s apparent listening to Jacquie that she has more of an issue of the perceived stigma attached to OOW children being described as “illegitimate” than the very real barrage of misery the fractured homes they come from produce. Never mind the fact that all Jacquie, and other “commentators” attached to the show, waxes poetic that government, “the community” and how everyone else should take responsibility of the kids except those that created them.

    It’s also painfully apparent that children born of couples COMMITTED TO EACH OTHER IN MARRIAGE provides more financial stability, and help foster greater parental responsibility for the lives created than their unattached peers. To argue that the stigma of a child being referred to as “illegitimate,” “bastard,” or whatever the going language used is more important than actually hitting the core of the creation of aggregate dysfunction among blacks (murders, rapes, child abandonment, large high school drop-out/failure rates, prostitution, extreme generational poverty, high incarceration, man-sharing , drug use and abuse, poor nutrition, poor mental and physical health, STDs) is myopic on Jacquie Reid (and the Grio’s) part.

    We are where we are because people refuse to see what is painfully apparent, and is more interested in placating to the failing masses than actually holding them to task for their behavior and attitudes towards anything that requires them to conduct themselves as productive, contributing members of society. This is as we are upon another hot summer Friday, sliding into another weekend of likely shootings and killings for which all this staff will do is shake their heads; pissed off as to why the “gov’mint,” Obama, the “community,” the “black church” aren’t involved once the smoke clears.

    More of these discussions are needed on the airwaves, but as was demonstrated this morning, it’s clearly not a welcoming message.

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