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One day after Mitt Romney was booed at the NAACP national convention in Houston, he enraged many African-Americans by saying that if black people want more “free stuff” from government, they should vote for President Barack Obama.

“I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this: if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy, more free stuff,” Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, said following a fund-raiser in Hamilton, Montana. “But don't forget nothing is really free.”

It wasn’t completely clear what Romney meant by “free stuff,” but some black Democrats suggested that Romney was race-baiting by using inflammatory "code" to shore-up his base, adding that Romney's tone toward African-Americans was decidedly different from the friendly tenor during his 25-minute speech to NAACP delegates.

“If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him,” Romney told the NAACP audience on Wednesday.

Romney isn’t the only high-profile Republican to insult African-Americans in the past 24 hours. Conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh did everything possible to undermine whatever minimal goodwill the Romney campaign claimed to have made with African-American voters.

Limbaugh, the right-wing political flamethrower, is one of the many reasons that African-Americans are vehemently opposed to the Republican Party and why, when it comes to black Americans, the GOP is always trying to explain racist comments by members of its constituency.

In yet another racial affront to African-Americans, Limbaugh implied that the NAACP audience was ignorant, saying Romney’s speech to the NAACP on Wednesday was not well received because it was “over these people’s heads” and that the group booed Romney, who “sounded like Snow White with testicles,” because he’s white.

Even though Tara Wall, Romney’s black senior advisor, tried to play up the standing ovation for Romney from some NAACP delegates, Limbaugh has perhaps ruined anything positive that happened in the convention hall.

“This group [the NAACP] wants to hear about tax increases and bigger government to take care of people,” he said. “They don’t want to hear about self-reliance, they don’t want to hear about free enterprise. Free enterprise means you’ve gotta do it yourself. Free enterprise means it’s up to you. Free enterprise means you’re on your own. This group doesn’t want to hear that. I don’t think Romney got a single vote in here today.”

Limbaugh also claimed that President Barack Obama insulted the NAACP by sending Vice President Joe Biden instead.

“He’s confident they’ll boo Romney, simply because Romney’s white,” Limbaugh said. “He’s confident of that. But he knows that he’s gonna have hell to pay in private meetings with these people. He’s not gonna get anywhere near it. So what an insult. Here’s Obama sending Biden, not going himself.”

Biden, for his part, filled in for Obama on Thursday by telling NAACP delegates to support the nation’s first black president because Republican policies are detrimental to the black agenda.

“Close your eyes and imagine, imagine what the Romney Justice Department would look like,” Biden said.  “Imagine who he’d recommend to be the attorney general or head of the civil rights division. Imagine what the Supreme Court will look like after four years of a Romney presidency.

“This election, in my view, is a fight for the heart and soul of America,” Biden said, adding of Republicans: “These guys aren’t bad guys, they just have a fundamentally different view.”

The White House said Obama had a "scheduling conflict" and could not attend the NAACP convention this week. Obama sent Biden to Houston in his place, but Obama has confirmed a keynote address to The National Urban League's national convention on July 25 in New Orleans.

Biden’s speech to the NAACP comes as two new national polls show Obama leading Romney, with one of the surveys highlighting the marriage gap.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll gives Obama the edge over Romney, 49 percent to 43 percent, while a Quinnipiac University poll shows the president’s advantage at 46 percent to 43 percent. The Quinnipiac survey shows married voters prefer Romney, 51 percent to 38 percent. But unmarried voters favor the president by 20 points, and single women support Obama 2-1 over Romney.

Obama campaign advisors are predicting an extremely close race in November, perhaps one of the closest presidential contests in history.

Meanwhile, Biden, who is considered a friend to the NAACP, rallied the troops and fired-up the faithful.

“Did you think we’d be fighting these battles again?” Biden said. “I didn’t think we’d be back,” Biden told the crowd. “I remember working with Republicans — and by the way, this ain’t your father’s Republican Party — on motor-voter, expanding the [voting] franchise. Some of these were Republican ideas. This is not the Republican Party’s view today, nor Romney’s. They see a different future in which voting is harder than easier.”


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30 thoughts on “Romney to Blacks: Want Free Stuff? Vote for Obama

  1. butterfly on said:

    Well sadly enough a good bit of the whites in the south such as Alabama believe the kind of mentality he is campaigning on. I live in one of the outer counties of birmingham and you would not believe the attitudes of a lot of the whites down here. Well I quess you would considering Alabama’s history. It is enough to make you want to beat some peoples a$#%$.

    For a while things seem to be getting better but some peoples attitudes and views are trying to take a turn back to stupid.

    You say we should be professional at one point and time I agreed but they are fighting dirty and whats so sad is there are a lot of ignorant white people in the south who want to believe, notice I said who want to believe the sterotypes about black people.

    At this point I am mad and ready to fight . Yes he should have been booed and even more. They and when I say they Romney, Bachman, Limbaugh, and others have help to turn people against each other and they have no shame, but I do have faith it will bit them in the a@#.

  2. rhemasplace on said:

    After speaking to the NAACP, he spoke in Hamilton, Montana and made the comment: “If [Affordable Care Act supporters] want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy—more free stuff. But don’t forget, nothing is really free.” That’s where the statement comes from.

  3. harvardpep on said:

    Most of the folks getting “free stuff” in this country are white, and have been for decades. Someone needs to really do their homework—– Tell Romney that 1% that he is protecting, “because they are the ones who create jobs”, have not done such a great job in the past 11 years that they have enjoyed all those tax breaks. Romney was paid $1.00/yr as Gov in MA and we got what we paid for-

  4. africanwarrior on said:

    I replayed Mitt Romney’s speech at the NAACP convention , and don’t recall him saying to Blacks: Want Free Stuff? Vote for Obama. Did I miss something?

  5. africanwarrior on said:

    Mr Jimmyg
    “Mr Greedy” would include Ophra,JayZ, Byonce, Bill Gates ,Magic Johnson , Puff Diddy, Romney, and many Billionaire politicians both Republicans and Democrats?

  6. africanwarrior on said:

    Mr Jimmyg
    We still must respectfully disagree and act as adults both Republicans and Democrats irrespective of ethnicity.I am sure all people at the NACCP convention
    believe that they deserve to be respected , and we all know that you must give respect in order to get respect. Obama and Romney have agreed to Disagree on policy issues . President Obama has openly criticized Romney , and so has Romney . In our democracy we have the right to debate on issues like Obama and Romney are passionately doing for our votes, this is called Democracy

  7. jimmyg on said:

    Hooray for our democracy.When our democracy finally elected someone other than a white male as our president that said a lot about our democracy.Finally it
    Happened when millions believed it could never take place.Mr Greedy is trying to
    Convince me that this president is in over his head.That he is incompetent and
    Can’t handle the pressure.I say that is a bald face lie.It’s been three years and the
    President is still standing.And our arch enemy is swimming with the sharks…

  8. jimmyg on said:

    We all know Mitt showed up at the Naacp convention to denounce Obamacare as
    As a bad idea.Most of his audience thought the health care law passed by congress and signed into law by the president,then sustained by the Supreme court will reap good benefits for all Americans.Mr Greedy showed up for those red necks to prove he is with them.I would have booooooooed his azz off the stage like they
    do at the Apollo..Don’t get it twisted.There is only one President of the United States..

  9. hoodtechiee on said:

    Dear president Romney,

    Why would you waste your time trying to convince my brothers/sisters of a different approach to this nation’s problem? The naacp is irrelevant which is why it’s so hard for them to find new members. I understand you were caught in a dam if you do, dam if you don’t situation by going before the naacp, but you have to understand something:
    1. The African American voters will still vote for obama no matter how bad things have gotten for them under his administration
    2. These people are only interested in handouts, freebies what have you done for me lately chips
    3. They offer no real solutions to their own self inflicted problems, only to blame someone else for their situation
    4. Now that you have tried to present ideas to them and were treated to the upmost disrespect as an African American I apologize for their juvenile behavior.
    5.Ignore them, they are only 3% of the votes anyway and when you win in 2012 these same people will come begging to you to help them via(naacp,al sharpton,cbc,jesse Jackson etc…)you get the picture
    So in summation I wish you well in defeating this incompetent president come November, because quiet as it is kept blacks are a lot better off w/o obama and his administration’s ideas.This is what happens when you dumb down and reprogram the masses, government assistance from cradle to grave and believe me the black community knows of this all to well.


  10. cindycruz on said:

    @African Warrior

    Good points and I agree no candidate today running for President has the answer.
    We need Economic Freedom NOT Economic Dependence,

    **Economic Freedom will and has always created prosperity

    **Economic Dependence will always create Poverty and Despair

  11. Hiawa23 on said:

    Another thing that bothers me, is we need to get out of these foreign countries. Bombing with drones, killing alot of innocent women and children I am against. Our troops come home with all kinds of ills & are left fending for themselves, which is why suicide rates are high. I am glad my 2 brothers got out before they were seriously injured or killed, because I am sorry, but it would not have made me feel good to see them come home in a box, with an American flag on top of it in the name of freedom. End the war which is costing us $2billion/week, $800k of that borrowed every week.

  12. Hiawa23 on said:

    navi12, it’s clear he meant, that it is a black stereotype that blacks are lazy, we want free stuff, we don’t want to work. Everyone of the republican candidates have said stuff like Machelle Bauchman saying blacks were better off born into slavery than now because many kids are born to single unwed mothers. Newt has said blacks have no positive working role models or we don’t have a work ethic, Herman Cain said if you are poor, blame yourself, so these guys believe this stuff, which is why it is hard for me to see how blacks vote republican. I don’t need a handout, i go to work everyday but those that need help should get help. I sure hope Romney doesn’t believe all blacks are cursed by God, because by virtue of our black skin, atleast this is what his Mormon faith says.

  13. Hiawa23 on said:

    I do agree both parties are at fault & the rest of us are screwed,especially if you are poor. Our politicians need to stop lying to the American people. Many of these high paying jobs are not coming back, when you can pay workers in China pennies on the dollar to do the same. This might be the new America, we might have to get used to.

  14. navi12 on said:

    Mitt Romney knew he was going into uncharted waters at the NAACP convention. What does he do? He brings a cheering section of black conversatives to shore him up. It may not be completely clear as to what Romney meant by the “free stuff” remark but he might as well have said ” you people”. Romney’s skin color had nothing to do with the boos. He used the term Obamacare which in essence was patterned after his “Romneycare” program for Massachusetts. As usual Rush Windbag is talking loud and saying nothing.

  15. Romney and his GOP cronies would be a disaster to an already fragile economy that is still in Depression. Pres. Obama has done a masterful job of steering the economy away from a catastrophe with stiff opposition from the GOP who got us in trouble to start with. If the Dems can regain both houses of Congress and the White House, the economy will improve but it would take another term with similar policies to bring it back. The tea party GOP has been a train wreck!

  16. jimmyg on said:

    Cindy,I could write all day and into the night on why you should choose to reelect
    President Obama.,We will have that choice in November.Mr Greedy says black unemployment is higher than everybody that includes Hispanics and white folks.
    Mr Greedy is so out of touch he thinks that just happened under Obama.But we been the last hired and the fiirst fired since our folks got released from that cruel system started by white folks.Mr Greedy says he will fix it for us..Oh yeah.Sure.
    Plantation owners have been selling us a bunch of sh”””” from day one.We’re not
    Looking for forty acres and mules Mr Greedy.We gotta remind your azz that we
    Helped build this country for free.We have shed our blood for this Fu””””””””” country.And we ain’t going no Fu””””””” where…

  17. jimmyg on said:

    Cindy,I could write all day and into the night on why you should choose to reelect
    President Obama.,We will have that choice in November.Mr Greedy says black unemployment is higher than everybody that includes Hispanics and white folks.
    Mr Greedy is so out of touch he thinks that just happened under Obama.But we been the last hired and the fiirst fired since our folks got released from that cruel system started by white folks.Mr Greedy says he will fix it for us..Oh yeah.Sure.
    Plantation owners have been selling us a bunch of sh”””” from day one.We’re not
    Looking for forty acres and mules Mr Greedy.We gotta remind your azz that we
    Helped build this country for free.We have shed our blood for this Fu””””””””” country.And we ain’t going no Fu””””””” where…

  18. cindycruz on said:

    I think that is a great idea African Warrior… too bad the congress is so power hungry they would never vote to make a change to limit their terms.

  19. africanwarrior on said:

    May I suggest that we seriously rethink how congress with a 5% approval rating can continue their destructive negative practices of not trying to work with the Whitehouse ? Why don’t we set term limits on old Senators and Congress members? The President has a 2 term limit why not congress having a 2 4 year term instead of re-electing them every 2 yrs? Why not set the same condition for the Senate? Serving Americans is a privilege not an entitlement

  20. africanwarrior on said:

    Hiawa23 & Cindy Cruz,
    On one hand both hands politicians are speaking on both side of their deceitful mouths. One side days “Education is the key to fulfilling the American Dream” , On the other side we hear ” We can’t afford to provide affordable education” . In America we no longer build machinery or other goods, how can we sustain our economy without a solid manufacturing base? Germany got it We in The USA don’t get it.

  21. africanwarrior on said:

    I am no longer sure if any candidate will ever be able to control our dysfunctional economy. China will have a larger economy than ours within 10 yrs , face it we export jobs, act as the worlds police and expect to create prosperity?
    We are in a huge mess , so bad that no one has an answer,

  22. africanwarrior on said:

    Romney came into NACCP territory knowing very well he wasn’t their favorite candidate. 96% of African Americans will vote Obama no mater what.
    My question is, why didn’t the crowd of highly educated professionals control their emotions by not booing Romney? We must act as professionals and politely agree to disagree with Romney.

  23. cindycruz on said:

    @Hiawa … all great points. However, BOTH parties are at fault for our current and past mess. The point you made concerning the system being rigged was spot on. The Government picks the winners and the losers. Dont kid yourself about this current administration as they are as bad as the Bush regime.
    Take the healthcare Bill for example: Winners… Drug companies and Insurance companies, Losers.. Doctors and patients. Take the banking bill, Winners: Big BANKS! You do realize his entire economic staff is nothing but Goldman Sachs cronies. Take the administrations energy policies: Winners: Green companies(Billions and Billions of taxpayers money made a few rich while their companies went bankrupt, Losers: Taxpayers and anybody who has to fill their car up.

  24. cindycruz on said:

    Yes it is just as bad now as it was in the depression. We have more people on Government assistance than we did in the depression. You dont see the lines because peoples debit cards get automatically filled up.
    The sad thing is that our government is following the same principals that kept the US in a depression for 10+ years in the 30’s(Regulations,increasing taxes,Trade restricions, increasing govt spending and debt)
    The only thing that pulled this country out of the FDR Economic funk was the fact that every great manufacturing Economy was destroyed in WW2 and the US was the only manufacturing economy left standing. The US reaped great benefits with all of the “competition” being disabled.

  25. cindycruz on said:

    With the great accomplishments our President has achieved why doesnt he run on them????
    President Obama’s Historic Accomplishments:
    (1) Highest number of unemployed Americans IN HISTORY.
    (2) Highest number of poverty level Americans IN HISTORY.
    (3) Highest number of bankrupt Americans IN HISTORY.
    (4) Highest number of Americans having their homes foreclosed IN HISTORY.
    (5) Highest annual deficits IN HISTORY.
    (6) Fastest growing deficits IN HISTORY.

  26. Hiawa23 on said:

    Thanks to the Bush depression, unpaid prescription drug plan, 2 wars, tax breaks, & the banksters gambling in the housing market this mess we have, which is a depression if you are poor or the working middle class just barely hanging on. Obama certainly is not going to be able to fix this considering congress are the ones who propose bills and they are clearly in the pockets of Coch brothers and other high doillar donors. I am college educated have a nice career, so i don’t think black folk want free stuff. Most just want a fairer system, cause contrary to what they say, the American Dream is not possible for most, no matter how hard some work. The game is rigged. I sure hope some of you did not think this mess was going to get solved in a few years with an obstruction congress.

  27. jimmyg on said:

    Cindy,those statistics you point too Makes us think we’re in a depression.But
    Prior to world war 11 our country had bread lines miles long.It was before my time but history tells us it took a world war to bring our country back into prosperity.Do you really believe Mr Greedy has our best interests at heart?.A
    Lot of red necks in the south believes he is a double talking,flip flopping Yankee.

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