Actress Holly Robinson Peete gave rapper 50 Cent a piece of her mind, after he tweeted what he thought was a joke about autism on his Twitter site.  The incensed Mom, who has a child with autism, shamed the hip-hop mogul on her website, forcing him to remove the offensive tweet from his site, reports the Huffington Post.

Since Peete’s oldest child, Rodney, Jr., had autism, she has become a staunch advocate of educating folks about the condition that strikes 1 in 88 children. Consequently, Peete immediately responded to 50 Cent, when he insulted one of his Twitter followers by telling him that he looked autistic.


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2 thoughts on “50 Cent Removes Twitter Autism Jibe After Holly Robinson Peete Rips Him

  1. Roosterdaman on said:

    Really??, what does someone with autism looks like? I have an employee that has worked for me for many years and if he did not say anything you would not know that he suffers from one of the spectrums of autism. Most importantly, I also have a son with autism and he looks as “normal” as someone that calls himself what he is probably really worth. Neither one of these individuals was a drug dealing thug who has been shot up. I rather deal with someone that is autistic than to listen to any of his music or watch any of his movies. He should count his blessings that he is healthy,

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