Police beating victim Rodney King is a figure in history that reminds the African American community that racism is still a strong force in society.

Despite his historical significance, he was not a rich man with a whole lot of financial influence. And since his passing, his family has had trouble scraping up funds to have a proper burial.

After being granted $3.8 million from a settlement from the City of Los Angeles for the traumatic incident in 1992, he died without any of it.

According to reports, his funeral costs are expected to be no less than $22K.

Now the family is asking the public for help to give the man the funeral they believe he deserves.

In the meantime, an investigation is currently underway to discover the cause of death.

King is remembered by three adult daughters and other family members.

He will be laid to rest on June 30.

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5 thoughts on “Rodney King’s Family Asking for Funeral Funds from the Public

  1. AmberT on said:

    That’s too much. A decent funeral doesn’t mean that you have to be luxurious. If you have to go to the funeral service of a loved one but do not have money sitting in the bank to do so, get a payday cash loan. The loan will help you pay for the trip and will get you there easily. Sustaining friends and family is more essential than other things.

  2. grayd0307 on said:

    What happened to the $3.8 million? All he would have had to do was manage the money, & work a normal career. He could have lived comfortably, and easily had more than $1.5 million left. Surely, he must have had some type of insurance policy.

  3. beebob1243 on said:

    They have lost their minds! You’re begging so you can give someone a funeral costing 22K! I agree with yorky1966, 7K is a very decent funeral…

  4. yorky1966 on said:

    You are kidding, right!?!? Why does he need a funeral costing that much? We buried my mom for less than $7K and she was sent off very nicely.

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