Bobby Brown's sister Leolah Brown is back at it again. Months after Whitney Houston's death, Leolah Brown, announced that she believed Houston was murdered after the legendary singer's death was ruled an accident.

Brown has now resurfaced reiterating the claims of murder;however, this time for a small cost she can provide details that prove Houston was in fact murdered.

Leolah Brown in a recent interview explains, "I have some information that will blow the roof off, but I need to get paid."

Brown goes on to discuss why she has not provided the details of the alleged murder,"If Pat and them can get paid… so should I. I can prove Whitney was murdered – I know what really happened."

Brown ends the interview stating that she can be contacted for the exclusive information by magazines like "Star" or "Enquirer" but she must be paid and that is the only way she will divulge the information.


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5 thoughts on “Bobby Brown’s Sister Will Prove Murder for a Cost

  1. vernitahart on said:

    This is so sad! Another person looking for a payday! She is not thinking about the emotional effect this will have on her niece just getting paid! So very sad is low class!

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