Dear Tom,

My name is Neema Williams and I would like to nominate my 17 year-old twins father Scott Mitchell to be a Real Father, Real Man. That’s just what he is a Real Man for stepping up and raising our children Bryan & Bryana.   I had issues with the justice system and Scott refused to let his five year old children be juggled around in the system, nor two of his other children (when their mom needed help).

Scott is s a Real Man because he has raised a daughter into a beautiful young woman with self-respect and class about herself.  Life has dealt him a bad hand more than once — he has suffered a stroke, two heart attacks, a stint in his heart and battling colon cancer all in the last 10 years.  However, he does not let anything interfere with his life’s goals or interfere with his children’s lives.  He is a survivor and lives his life to the fullest.  Besides you only have one Iife to live

Scott is not a selfish, self-centered man.  In fact, he would give the shirt off his back or his last dime if it would help. He has raised four children on his own and they are the most respectful, gorgeous, smart, handsome, well-mannered, generous young adults you would ever love to meet. Not to mention intelligent.  Our son Bryan graduated 6th out of 135. He & Bryana both will be attending college this fall for Computer engineering and Crime Scene Investigation.

Tom, I would love for you to help Scott with some of the expenses for their graduation Party on the 16th of June.  Scott has went all out for these two graduates making them and  their dates feel like royalty for their Prom which included a  limo, red carpets, tents, food, and pictures. Graduation the same, he took about 10 people out to eat after the ceremony whether he could afford it or not, no one was left behind. Next is the graduation party that he estimates to be around $1000-$1200 for food, DJ, tents blocking the street, etc. He is so very proud of his children and I am very proud of him and his accomplishments. I‘m hoping that you would consider helping this Real Father with this Party.


Neema Williams

Proud Baby’s Momma



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