Unpaid child support could put former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield behind bars.

According to reports, the boxer is facing jail time if he doesn’t pay $300,000 for his 18-year-old daughter, Emani.

The Georgia Department of Human Services has gone to court and made the claim, saying he has not paid child support since April 2010, and is in arrears for nearly $400,000.

However, his representative says he’s unaware of the issue and added that Holyfield and his daughter have a great relationship.

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3 thoughts on “Evander Holyfield Facing Jail Time

  1. newsfromthebottomup on said:

    It is very simple, if he owe the money pay it, if he does not owe it he really need to get it straight before the po-po are at the door

  2. loycetate on said:

    I lived in Atlanta for over 20 years back in the day when you could go ot his “smaller” house before he built such a “collisium” which he probably didn’t need. He did so much for the neighborhood and the community. It is unfortunate that he didn’t make better financial decisions. But this is classic example when people get millions but have to rely on “others” to help them manage it, they manage it to THEIR pocket and unfortunately the real bread winners end up broke. All the ballers and the rappers whose careers won’s last forever will end up broke it they do not continue to make a substantial amount of money. It is dollars and sense! I have a math degree and I know. The lawn maintenance alone is expensive. Even Michael Jackson and many others, taking care of extended families, having excess kids by many mama’s. I am sure Mike Tyson there are just too many to name. We live in the moment and not for the future and that is a down fall of our culture because we haven’t been taught those values that the rich are groomed for. Best of luck Holifield, I could see it coming. OBAMA 2012

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    OK they have a great relationship I am glad to hear that HOWEVER does he owe money for her during the time she was probably being raised by her mother? If he dies he had better oay it or we will probably see him behind bars!

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