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Former football star O.J. Simpson was allegedly beaten unconscious in prison.
The beating which occurred several months ago caused him to spend several weeks in the infirmary.

The attack has been kept a secret by prison authorities until Simpson’s friend reported it to the National Inquirer.

The friend also shared that Simpson has been afraid to leave his cell since the attack.

The former Heisman Trophy winner is serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping.

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32 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Beaten Unconscious in Prison

  1. Sinbad17 on said:

    OJ did not kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. I wish people would believe the serial killer that admitted that he killed the two of them. When his documentary came on, it sent chills up my spine because he had just met Nicole a few days before her death and he bragged to his brother about going to see her. Read his story, he is Glen Rogers…..

    That nasty white judge is punishing OJ because he was acquitted of murder and she put the breaks on him; however, look at Casey Anthony and that George Zimmerman….they got “no” time and they murdered people. There is no way, this is inherently fair. But remember this….God is not “dead”…..and Karma is a bitch!. The unjust will not prosper.

  2. Rallyfingas on said:

    Free OJ… oj oj… free oj……..who ever beat him will suffer twice the beating….OJ is incident. …of all charges….The glove didn’t fit bitches…

  3. Gary Sanders on said:

    Fuck O.J because he should have laid low after beaten that other bullshit so he can riot in hell now old dumb ass NIGGA!!!

  4. I did not know where I could place this. I listen to TJMS everyday by stream. Starting yesterday, it still comes on but cuts off an 8th of the way into the show. I have been a listener for several years, this is the first time this has happened. Can someone help me?

  5. I agree Loren, the court system is corrupt and everything in it. A grind of mine did 38 years in the department of corrections for a crime he didn’t committ. Supposedly a white woman was raped and he was the one to pin it on. The story is on the internet. Barney Brown is his name . He’s out now and they tried to keep it quiet because they had no one else to put it on. He said the department of corrections put him out in the rain after learning about a piece of paper that cleared the way for him to be released. He said they released him in the rain after they found out. The department of corrections needs some straightening. This criminal justice system is fucked up. The make up the rules.

  6. Leave him alone and the slut go what she deserved. He was still married to Margarite; Jason and Arness mother. Run Goldman was un the wrong place at the wrong time. What did they accomplish by doing this not a darn thing. She’s still dead and yes, he was set up by trash ass white people.

  7. i get a kick out of you people.every one noes he was not guilty in the court of law.everyone noes he was set up. by the da i mean da.they were watching for slip.just put your self in his shoes.dont think the law cant try to set you up .they do it every day if tey dont like you.courts judges cops officials all work behind doors so do welfare .if a cop or judge dont like you or the da and you have children they will snatch your kids etc.or try to look you up and follow this happens every day.

  8. maybe i should go to the prision were he is at.and help him from some dum asses that did that to him..all a person has to do is comitt a crime .in the state and city and your in.i no its not hard to commit crimes anyone can do it..

  9. Honestly on said:

    You cave n!@@ers are getting beat downs now. Reginald Denny style. You cave apes should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

    • russkyavitch on said:

      nowhere in this article does it say the beater was assume incorrectly that its only blacks in prison..i assure are wrong about that also

  10. J denise dilworth on said:

    OJ deserves all the beat downs he can get I hope he learns his lesson that these people had it in for him and he just fell right in there trap so who’s the blame and he need to stop crying and man up to his mistakes and leave those white folks alone.

  11. Monique on said:

    He is serving for the killings, not robberry! When he was acquitted of the murders, i don’t believe he did, he should have left it alone. The robbery was a setup to get in jail! he thought because he got away with so called murder, he was going to get away with getting his stuff back! dum-dum

  12. I still don’t understand how he ended up with 33 years, and why it was not appealed. Can someone explain that to me? Second, did any of his closest friends tell him before he tried to get back what was his in the first place, that he was getting into a trap? or a set up?

    • I agree too that i believe he did it yet i don’t think he should have been beaten unrepsonsive. He was setup and now is paying for what he did years ago. He should have left it alone. But it goes to show …you reap what you sow. Further, when white people love’s all good but when they are done with you…you better watch your back! And that’s just real. He had no remorse over what he did and now he will die in jail behind some april sugar sugar. I suggest he start praying as well. So sad the decisions he made. Just sayin.

    • I also read that he threw a Super Bowl party in his cell. Big TV, food spread, the works. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! He a severe case of Assitosis. He got away with double homicide. (I actually thought he was innocent at one time!) It was his Assitosis that got him put in prison for this. It’s a horrible condition if left untreated!

  13. glen212 on said:

    Leave the guy alone, he’s been judged enough. Let him settle his scores with his GOD……We were not there and we don’t know, and he’ll never tell, so save yourself some grief and move on and live and hopefully let whats left live…..because after all what is left for him?

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Well, how many more years he got before he has finished the 33 years? While he is settling his scores with his GOD…it wouldn’t hurt him to send up a prayer request for guardian angels. Chances are that won’t be the last beat down he gets. Perhaps he should request to be isolated from the others.

  14. redbone1954 on said:

    I heard this last year and they said it was not true so I’m not sure that it is true what’s the old saying ” believe half of what you see and some and none of what you hear” LOL!!!!!

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