Jeff Johnson: Have Something To Live For


I thought for a moment yesterday about the gravity of a national holiday that celebrates U.S. service women and men who fell in battle. The lives of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters that gave their lives in the honorable pursuit of defending a nation and its values.

This weekend, I got into a spirited discussion with a friend who, in the name of Memorial Day, wanted to push everyone to proclaim what they were willing to die for. What are you willing to die for? Seems unnecessarily harsh, and for most people a question that they never have to put to the test like soldiers do. The better question for most of us is, what are we willing to live for? And I don’t mean what obligations are you willing to fulfill, but truly, what are you and I willing to wake up thinking about providing service to. What are we willing to give all our genius, energy, prayers, life and love to? See, dying, as morbidly natural as it is, is sometimes easier to do than living.

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