I know I can’t speak for all mothers, but I’m pretty sure I can speak for most.

And I am more than confident I can hit the nail on the head when it comes to single, working, get-it-done-at-all-costs soccer, baseball and basketball moms – flowers, cards and brunch as presents are HIGHLY overrated.

So, I decided to compile a list of things that women – especially me – really want for Mother’s Day:

• Not to be woken up. Just let me sleep in as long as I want. Chances are I’ll be up well before nine, but at least let me try.

• Not to pick out clothes. I don’t care what the children wear – they can be mismatched, filthy and stained – I just don’t want anything to do with it. Extra credit if they wear their Sunday best and pose for pictures.

• Not to play referee. I love sports, but I could really use a day off from throwing a baseball, correcting a jump shot or blocking a soccer pass. I could also do without settle arguments, negotiating terms and enforcing grudgingly made agreements.

• Not to think about dinner. It’s one of the first things I think about every day, and it’s frequently greeted by yucks and ewwws. From both of you. Not tonight, please.

• Not to have to remind anyone of anything – whether it be doing homework, brushing of teeth, washing of hands etc.

• Not to be in charge of bedtime. Yes, I want to snuggle with the kids. I will sing to them and maybe even read a book or two, but I don’t want to deal with the million whines and calls long after I have tucked them in. When I say goodnight and crawl in bed, I mean goodnight.

• Not to have to return something that was bought for me that I don’t want just so I can say I got a Mother’s Day gift. Much as you think it’s fun for me to return ugly necklaces and unwanted broaches, I really don’t enjoy it. Listen to the not-so-subtle clues I give you about gifts. Or just don’t buy me anything at all. We’re not married anymore; it’s fine. Besides, look at the multi-colored mugs the boys made me. What more do I need?

• Not to have to share my day with a son who just had to be born on May 9th. Fine. I’ll admit that birthdays trump most other days, but it’s been eight years; there has got to be an exception – at least every five – that I get to celebrate just being a mom.

But that’s just my list.

To make sure I represented moms from all walks of life, I conducted a Mamas Gone Wild poll and found out that most moms had no interest in robe and slipper sets, juicers or tennis shoes intended to shape up our butts.

What moms wanted ran the gamut from peace and quiet to Prince tickets, someone to clean the house, cash, Poppy and Bulgari perfume and a live dinner show performance reminiscent of that classic “Cosby Show” episode.

But the main point of this poll is to remind moms and the people who love us that it is our day – just one of 365. Those of us who are good at what we do spend the majority of those days making other people’s lives better. Listening, observing and checking out this blog, you’ll see there are simple steps to giving us not what we need, but what we want. It’s also a reminder to moms that people aren’t mind readers. If we shrug our shoulders or say we don’t want anything for Mother’s Day, we can’t expect much more. If more women were willing to say what we want in all aspects of our lives, we’d find that more good things would flow our way.

Make it ours, Mamas! We deserve it.

And a special shout out to all my Mamas Gone Wild crew members who checked in! Their feedback is below.

ThickLeo6: @nikkiwoods I just want peace & quiet for a few hours. Take the kids so I can relax and soak in the tub uninterrupted for once! lol!

@nikkiwoods I want my man and kids to put on a Vegas style “Dinner Show” and

perform like the Cosbys do for their parents’ anniversary.

akingLoveBettr: @nikkiwoods I want my house cleaned, sleep in late & watch my

favorite movies.

@Berrylpz: @nikkiwoods I would like a makeover.

@GrnPhotoGraphix: @nikkiwoods My mom wants a smart phone, she doesn’t know she’s getting one.

@babyjazz99: @nikkiwoods I just want everybody in my house to write a letter

saying how much they appreciate me, how much they need me & love me!

Imma give @nikkiwoods a massage for free for mothers day. All she gotta do is

make her appointment =)

ladyinpursuit: A winning lottery ticket for 25 mil so I never have to work again!

Donna Petagrew: I want breakfast in bed. And maybe some of that Coach Poppy perfume.

Tyecha Wilson Curley #bvlgari and dinner and a movie!

@madelynemoments: plz get me the winning powerball tix!]=

Natura wrote: “Concert tickets to see prince”

“I would love a day with my sons. Since grown; I rarely spend Mothers Day with them.”

Nikki Woods is senior producer of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” The author of “Easier Said Than Done,” the Dallas-based Woods is currently working on her second and third novels. You can friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter: @nikkiwoods.

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