Solid as a Tank


Crooner Tank may have had some strong words for Brian McKnight’s new song about, ahem, the sweet spot of a woman, but only because McKnight is who inspired him in the first place. But don’t expect Tank to make any missteps when it comes to romantic songs – his new album “This is How I Feel” will be the kind of slow and sultry music his fans have come to expect. His single “Next Breath” is the kind of love song that he usually makes, but he’s going to kick it up a little this time as well as T.I., Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes are on the CD as well.

“I totally agree with the change of pace,” Tank told “I didn’t want to think about what people are used to hearing from me, or are people going to be disappointed I have rappers on there? I just wanted to make good music based on how I felt that day. I didn’t want to do Sex, Love & Pain again. I didn’t want to do Now or Never again. This should be a new album with something on it that makes you say, “Tank is continuing to evolve and not stuck in 2007 or 2010.”

If you thought Tank’s album is full of seduction songs, the buff singer said he would “absolutely” get married again. In fact, he says that despite all the problems that come with celebrity, he’d like to have someone solid in his life. He told Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie Foster Brown that the kind of woman he’s looking for would help provide him with a solid foundation, like his mother and grandmother did. (Tank, it should be noted, did grow up in a 2-parent home with his stepfather.)

“I do want a woman that knows when it’s time to be aggressive and when it’s time to play her part,” he told Brown. “But for the most part, I want a traditional woman. A woman like what I saw growing up from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother. A woman that knew how to take care of home. A woman that was a nurturer that knew how to take care of kids. I’m talking cooking, cleaning and still have the mind of a champion when it came to business or what have you. I like that kind of woman.”

“This Is How I Feel” is out in stores and in digital outlets now.

“Next Breath” video.

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