If you can’t get enough of Beyonce, here’s more. Earlier this month, the singer launched her own website and gave fans and haters alike a view into her private life.

Although no pictures included the newest member of the Carter clan, Blue Ivy, we got to see pictures of the singer offstage, with her husband Jay-Z and little sister Solange.

This past weekend, Beyonce added more photos to her intimate album.

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17 thoughts on “Beyonce Releases More Intimate Photos

  1. MR. LOUIS CASEY on said:

    I do not know why there is so much hate for this fine family.my name is mr.casey of Chattanooga tn area,and I hope and wish nothing but like time happeness and love for JZ/MS.BE.

    • Dana Miller on said:

      I feel the same as you Thank You for your comment look at all the haters its a shame how we talk and think about each other, I was taught if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing, as Micheal said take a look at the man in the mirror.

  2. Bey isn’t the role model I want for my grandchildren..I want my grands to be more than sex objects …using their talent spiritually to educate themself and others wth respect for themself

  3. FanGyrl on said:

    The only intimate photo I wast to see of Bey is the belly shot! She don’t have one cause she was never herself pregnant. Though I ain’t hatin cause she’s too fabulous to endure stretch marks but hey, don’t lie about it.

  4. Beyonce is suppose to be a very ‘private’ person, however every time there is a camera in her presence, she readily obliges. I truly believe she is an exhibitionist and the only thing missing in her photo ops is a stripper pole. At the inauguration, I’m sure she missed her wind machine to blow her wig head. The world needs someone else to shed the spot light that has some meaning, other than crotch shots and boob exposure.

  5. Beyonce aint hittin on shit… She right to name her new single RATCHETT; cause she damn sholl ratchett.. Stuntin like she had that damn baby.. PLEASE!!! a hot ass mess…. Stop kidn yourself; you and ugly ass JayZ.. I agree with the earlier post.. WHO gives a F****!!! Bey who??

  6. Oh Lordy! I don’t get it. I’d rather have a glimpse into the into the personal lives of Rosa Parks, Madam C J Walker, Condoleeza Rice, ect. Honestly people, we’ve got to aim higher.

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