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Author: E. Lynn Harris
Publisher: Amazon

“MAMA DEAREST,” the FINAL novel written by E. Lynn Harris. Those are words I never thought about writing—certainly not at this early date.  And unless the “lost novels” are unearthed, this will be the last work from our friend, E. Lynn Harris.

“Mama Dearest,” was on the board for a fall arrival before Lynn’s death this summer.  He died at the much too young age of 54 as the result of a heart attack while attending business meetings in Los Angeles.  His many friends in the publishing world, many of whom were “godfathered” by Lynn, have taken up the baton to bring his latest creation into the world and to the top of the bestseller lists.

With “Mama Dearest,” Lynn brings some of his most memorable characters back to life.  Sheeeee’s  Baaaaack! Yancy Harrington Braxton, the belle of Broadway and her, “misunderstood” mama, Ava, have returned.  And they are as anxious and scheming as ever. How will Yancy, the moth, return to the bright lights of fame?  E. Lynn brings his characters and plot into the next century with today’s answer to instant fame, the reality show.  But Mama Dearest, Ava, has plans of her own to derail her daughter’s fame train.

For many of us, this is a bittersweet read. As much as I want to gobble up this delicious return to the Yancy-Ava Wars, I found myself slowing down in order to stop the inevitable.

Wherever you are, I hope you will join us as we gather to salute the gift that was E. Lynn Harris.