The disturbing case of Korryn Gaines has stirred up many debates, including treatment by police, child endangerment and untreated PTSD, since the young mother was shot and killed by police officers in August after a lengthy standoff. Now Gaines’ family is not letting her death be forgotten so easily, as they have filed a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit.

If you recall, Gaines recorded her interactions with police the day of her death and she was said to be afraid that police were going to kill her so she remained holed up in her home with a firearm drawn when cops arrived on the scene. She threatened to kill them when they came to serve her and her boyfriend with arrest warrants.

The Root is reporting that the family of Korryn Gaines has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Baltimore County police and the actual officer who shot and killed Gaines in her home, while also wounding her young son.

Via The Root:

According to CBS Baltimore, the family plans to sue Baltimore County and the officer, identified only as Officer First Class Ruby, for $2 million each.

The family claims that Gaines’ death was wrongful and that police suppressed her speech, used excessive force and showed gross negligence in the fatal encounter. The family also says that an eyewitness account from Gaines’ next-door neighbor paints a different picture of the day from what police statements have indicated.

Gaines’ family’s court documents charge that “by blocking her live-streaming, the Baltimore County Police Department not only suppressed her speech under the Maryland Constitution but also stopped the only independent visual video record of what was taking place before Officer Ruby killed her.”

Since this case is still fresh in the minds and hearts of many, expect this lawsuit to bring even more attention to such a sad situation. Hopefully Gaines’ children and the rest of her family can find some peace and comfort.

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8 thoughts on “Family Of Korryn Gaines Files $4 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  1. This girl had extremely high levels of lead poison which effects brain function. Not an excuse, but a reason. This story and others like it are far from funny and exposes issues far greater than her being a “hood rat”.

  2. This Young woman was wrong on every level. I’m sick of our people feeling that people can now do what they want to and the police are not suppose to do their job. She had every chance to come out peacefully like her boyfriend did. She put her child’s life in danger by not allowing him to leave with her boyfriend. It’s sad but real.

  3. I don’t know this has been the year of rewarding criminal behavior with a “pay day”and this was Baltimore with that Dingbat of a mayor and incompetent, opportunistic, race pandering DA it could happen.

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