Neal Blair, of Augusta, Ga., wears a hoodie which reads, "Black Lives Matter" as stands on the lawn of the Capitol building during a rally to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, on Capitol Hill, on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, in Washington. Black men from around the nation returned to the capital calling for changes in policing and in black communities. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

While many continue to question what exactly is the immediate and long-term agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement — aside from disrupting life any time a black male is gunned down by cops — the organization continues to receive an outpouring of donations and support, including efforts from liberals to raise more than $100 million for the cause.

The Washington Times reports that The Ford Foundation — which is not affiliated to the Ford Motor Company — along with the Borealis Philanthropy, Movement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], “a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition”.

According to its website, the Black-Led Movement Fund seeks to “support philanthropic and field-building activities that strengthen the next generation of social justice leaders.”

“The BLMF provides grants, movement building resources, and technical assistance to organizations working advance the leadership and vision of young, Black, queer, feminists and immigrant leaders who are shaping and leading a national conversation about criminalization, policing and race in America,” said the Borealis announcement.

That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations.

The foundations have also aligned themselves with the Movement for Black Lives, which unveiled a policy agenda early this month calling for law enforcement reform, race-based reparations, voting rights for illegal immigrants, fossil-fuel divestment, an end to private education and charter schools, a “universal basic income,” and free college for blacks.

While some may consider the goal of these foundations to be progress, many others continue to criticize #BLM, and believe generous donations are further proof that the movement is being used to push liberal politics.

“It’s about time people woke up to the fact that big money is using people as pawns to stoke racial hatred and further their global agenda,” said the Federalist Papers Project’s C.E. Dyer.

Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said corporations and others should think twice about partnering with the Ford Foundation.

“The Ford Foundation has traditionally been leftist, at least since the 1970s, on law-enforcement matters. So it’s not a huge surprise, but it’s certainly disappointing,” said Mr. Johnson. “I guess potential donors may want to look at the [Black Lives Matter] movement and see the damage, destruction and murders that they’ve left in their wake.”

He added: “I think whoever’s in charge of vetting a grant like that didn’t do their homework. Or maybe this was already in the works before they realized what exactly they were dealing with before this platform came out—before it became more apparent that it’s become today’s Velcro for what the leftist-fringe movement desires.”

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(Photo Source: AP)

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4 thoughts on “#BLM Liberals Aim To Raise $100M For Movement

  1. I’d also like to see them expand their purview from knocking over liquor stores and weave shops. Maybe they could break into a library and steal some books.
    -Not a sermon, just a thought

  2. Good for BLM. Now I would like to see them become better organized and to address more issues besides Police Brutality.

    I wish to see them become what the 1960’s CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT WAS!!!!!!

    POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m sure they will reach and address the core issue of violent single black women raising violent, disrespectful kids. Please see videos by Tommy Sotomayor for a description of the BT 800 thru 1100 series and the destruction they propagate on our community and men. Pay particular attention to the DSE model. Dark Skin Edition, the most brutal and ratchet of the model line.
      Where there is 3 or more, I’m out the door.

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