It’s a sorry man who beats a woman. And although Palmer did not want to press charges and says Rice has never been violent before, many experts who counsel battered women will tell you that if it happens once, another beating is likely to happen again.

I’m not suggesting that Rice will repeat his abuse, but I am saying that Rice needs to work on his anger issues and Palmer needs to understand the psychology behind Rice’s rage. Palmer married Rice one day after he was indicted.

Rice avoided jail by applying for pre-trial intervention program that allows for charges to be dismissed against first-time offenders who participate in the program. Rice may also need to participate in an anger management program.

So did Rice get a pass because he’s a superstar in the NFL? Yes, I believe so. And does the punishment fit the crime? Absolutely not.

What concerns me is not only the violent act that Rice displayed, but the callous disregard for his fiancée by dragging her out the elevator like a sack of potatoes after he knocked her out cold.

What about rushing to call 911 in case she needed immediate medical attention? And how about talking through a disagreement instead of lowering the hammer on a woman who Rice professes to love?

And what does it say about Palmer for marrying Rice weeks after she regained consciousness?

Rice claims that he wants to be a role model but I would never want my kids to emulate Rice. Black men – and all men – should never strike a woman under any circumstances and Rice, I assume, knows right from wrong. I hope he gets the help he needs to end his violent tendencies.

I’m sure Palmer will be in the stadium cheering for her husband on Sunday afternoons but, perhaps privately, she may also pray that she doesn’t end up a victim of domestic violence – again.

What do you think?

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