Yesterday, our columnist Tonya Pendleton penned her version of the Stephen A. Smith/Ray Rice Controversy. Today, Michael Cottman provides the male point of view. 

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith has been roundly criticized for his comments about domestic violence in the case of Ray Rice, the stocky Baltimore Ravens running back who punched his fiancée so hard, she was rendered unconscious. Smith has since apologized. 

I’m less interested about what Smith thinks about Rice as more concerned about what Rice thinks about himself. What kind of man unleashes a vicious attack on an unsuspecting woman? I don’t know Rice, but I do know that it takes more than a simple apology to sort out domestic violence issues.

The NFL has punished Rice with a two-game suspension when the season begins in September – and a $500,000 fine, a pittance for a man who signed a $25 million contract.

The reprimand would be comical if the situation wasn’t so egregious. A two-game suspension in my view doesn’t even begin to address the seriousness of this abuse.

This punishment does not say to NFL players that the league won’t tolerate domestic violence. It tells me that if players beat up women, they can slide with a slap on the wrist.

Rice needs counseling, soul-searching and a tougher punishment. He was charged with third-degree aggravated assault after a surveillance camera in an Atlantic City casino caught him dragging his then-fiancée Janay Palmer out of an elevator. Palmer, who is now Rice’s wife, was knocked out.

Because Rice takes a beating on the field on Sundays, does he feel it’s appropriate to deliver a beating?

“I failed miserably,” Rice said two months ago. “But I wouldn’t call myself a failure cause I’m working myself back up.”

And since the incident, Rice has promised that he is “working every day to be a father, a better husband and a better role model.”

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21 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Ray Rice Got Off Too Easy

  1. Doris on said:

    I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. I taught them from day 1″do not hit “or you might get hit back. It is not right for a woman or a man to hit. However, hitting is a reflex and we must remember men can hit harder. If you cannot hold your temper and hit him first, you better learn how to run fast.
    and get out of the way. As an only girl with brothers and a bunch of male cousins. I learned how to punch and run.

  2. Mrknowitall on said:

    People overlook one important thing: Ray Rice’s wife will also get a two game suspention. She will also lose $500,000. So ladies, it this what should happen to her? What woman shouls lose a half a million dollars for hitting her boy friend?

  3. Ravens Fan in B more on said:

    Can the “mob (ESPN, espnW etc.)” do me a favor…the next time a single college educated mother who doesn’t fall out drunk or chase idiot athletes needs support due to domestic violence SHOW HER THE SAME COMPASSION???? Sorry folks but in my book “victims” DON’T THROW BLOWS!!! I love how we keep glossing over the Solange Knowles females to keep this tacky Lifetime drama going!!! What if it had been Jay in that elevator without B (I still laugh thinking how Solange dialed that crazy back when B stepped in front of J hahaha) and security to help him and he knocked her a@ out in self defense. if I saw this tape I would say “SET JAY FREE!!!!” Janay defended her hubby so what was Roger and the NJ Prosecutor to do after seeing FACTS of the video??? The NY Prosecutor didn’t charge Solange like they did Ray and Janay (not rich and famous enough I guess)!!! I survived domestic abuse so I’m a little sick and tired of REAL victims being ignored!!!

  4. SPECL-T on said:

    What I’m most annoyed about is that she married him after this violent beat-down. I guess money means more that your own safety/life. If she doesn’t see herself as a victim why should we? I’m no physo-analyst but she needs her head examined. Hasn’t she heard what happened to Nicole Simpson?
    As far as the NFL goes, ask yourself what would your employer’s do in this case. Seems to me that the justice systems is the one to blame for his slap on the wrist.

    • Ravens Fan in B more on said:

      I know its fun to speculate since the Beygency shut down TMZ from stealing/buying PRIVATE hotel security tapes BUT I don’t think she took a “beat down!!” I promise you her face would have been the evidence!!! She defended her cushy NFL paycheck plain and simple…….like of of them athlete chasers. You do realize she looks exactly like that athletes marry?????? Could be Torrey Smith’s (Rays best friend) wife SISTER! hahahahaha

  5. kelvin wells on said:

    dont get caught up in that,rice and wife are just that.if rice were dark as TO,he would be banned for life,think on that and react,dont get folled into the bs .rice

  6. Jason on said:

    An irresponsible attempt to shun Domestic Violence using Ray Rice as his podium. Never read such brash misplacement of argument in my life.

  7. Black people you need to “March & do a new conference” about domestic violence..crap that goes on in our community. But NO you only complain about the White man or the Latinos in our neighborhoods but when it’s us it’s hush shouldn’t be that way. There’s so much crap that goes on between black people at Work it will really surprise us… because you the supervisor you think it’s alright to assault people with cuss words or physical attacks even sabotaging your co-workers family by firing them over nonsense & falsehood.. Some of you hold back checks & threaten to attack people at home. If anybody knows you we know each other. All that black power we proud yeah that’s all good when it’s some other race we’re accusing. March Now.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      Black people, are always silent (at the WRONG time). We are still LAZY (when WE should be SCREAMING). I agree with you.

  8. Rice definitely got off to easy! Perhaps we don’t know all the details; but I know I wouldn’t marry someone that knocked me out (no matter the circumstances). Money $$$$ can make someone do crazy things. Lot of gold diggers out here.

    • Walt on said:

      Sometimes men, women, and children do things that they later admit receiving just compensation for their actions … if they are honest. We never know what we might do … under the right, or wrong condition … including marring someone that has hit, cheated, or mistreated us. Trust me, it happens. Don’t be so naive.

  9. I guess when a the writer describes Ray Rice as, “the stocky Baltimore Ravens running back” it is equivalent to calling him a “a big black N.” First he must demonize the man before passing judgment. The writer goes on to state, “I don’t know Rice, but I do know that it takes more than a simple apology to sort out domestic violence issues” — which seems to suggest that he has placed himself as judge and jury, being able to define what qualifies as true repentance. I am not will to defend what Ray Rice has done, nor judge him beyond what the law has seen fit to levy against him. None of us knows the details of this case, including the impetus, the true character of Rice, the relationship of the two, or where this will end. All this speculation about what it all means is just that … speculation. The arrogance of some people.

  10. Timekeeper on said:

    This story is a week old. ther have been blogs, commentary all week long, And Smith has since apologized for his comments. Now along comes an oppportunistr who wantrs to make a name for himself by going in again on Ray rice by sticking his chest out with this blog.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      So what, he apologized. He was REQUIRED, to do so. His comments were IRRESPONSIBLE! Whoopi’s comments, were IRRESPONSIBLE! It is NEVER acceptable, for a male to HIT a female. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, is still one of the LEADING causes of DEATH for WOMEN (NOT, men). Wake-up, people!

      • H Jay on said:

        While I don’t condone what Ray Rice did to his now wife. I think that what some people don’t get is that the NFL suspended him without pay. That means no money coming into his house which his wife and child now live. Do you think missing game checks also punishes his family too?

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