3 Little Secrets That WILL Boost A Woman’s Health

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    Women are generally considered to be the healthiest gender. Again, in general. They tend to eat better, go to the doctor when there’s something wrong, and consistently practice healthier habits.

    This said, according to an MSNBC report, 43% of all U.S. counties saw increases in female death rates over a recent 14-year period, while male mortality rose in just 3% of counties.


    Scientist are pointing to many reasons for this sudden decline, particularly an increase in smoking among women. However, there are some simple, everyday things that women could also improve upon to help boost their health significantly.

    Focus More On Your Food

    If you think about it, eating well makes your body work better. When your body works better, you feel better. In fact, a recent study of more than 80,000 people suggested that how much produce you eat can influence your overall happiness, as well as your sense of well-being. Really!

    So what’s the formula for eating better without feeling deprived?

    Eat more fruits and veggies. Vitamins, nutrients, fiber, water…what more is there to say?

    Limit added sugar. Study after study is proving that too much added sugar can be detrimental to your health. The American Heart Association, as well as WHO, recommend that women consume no more than 20 grams of added sugar a day.

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