Man Sues BET Over Hip-Hop Awards Injury Nightmare

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  • Entertainment company BET is being sued because they screwed him during the BET Hip-Hop Awards. A man by the name of Frank Haward Taylor Jr. is suing because he claims he suffered two serious injuries while attending the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta.

    Taylor, who goes by the street name of Big Suge, alleges he was at the Atlanta Civic Center in 2012 during the taping of BET’s Hip-Hop Awards. Big Suge claims he stepped on a screw that was sticking up through the floor. When he stepped on the screw, he says his left foot had a severely painful puncture wound. The puncture in his foot was so painful, he fell to the floor where he damaged his shoulder.

    Big Suge says because of the punctured foot and injured shoulder, he suffered humiliation, pain, and fright. For that, Big Suge is suing BET and the city of Atlanta forgive million dollars.

    I totally get him suing for pain, but fright? No shade, but how does that work?

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