Study Proves That If You Don’t Have Sex In Your Marriage, You Can Still Be Happy

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    couple-bed-happyDuring the early throes of relationships, everything is great, including the sex. Couples who then decide to get married often believe they will lead a life filled with the same fun aspects from their relationship’s beginning stages. But we all know enough about long-term love to know that that’s not all the way true.

    According to a recent study, a lot of couples enter their marriage under false pretenses placed upon them from the pressures of society. The belief that they’re suppose to be brilliant at work, home and raise amazing children and still have a hot and steamy sex life without any hiccups, have left some couples ill-prepared for marriage.

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    The Boston Globe spoke with journalist, Iris Krasnow who authored the book “Sex After…Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes” and Krasnow said there is no accurate statistic that showcases how often a couple should have sex, and realized the sex lives of many couples takes a dive once they say “I do.”

    But there’s good news: just because couples are getting caught up with life, doesn’t mean they’re any less happy. One couple interviewed said the intimacy in their marriage has gone due to their child sleeping in their bed, but the affection they show each other has made each other kinder and more sensitive to each other’s feelings.

    Another couple said while working full-time,  running  a household and taking care of their two children can be exhausting, but when they have sex it’s now and event and exciting.

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