FDA Makes Cheaper Morning-After Pills Available To All Women

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“This is a significant leap forward in obtaining full, over-the-counter status for emergency contraception and we commend the FDA for this decision,” said Jessica Arons, president and CEO of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, in a statement.

“Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right, including the FDA. [Emergency contraception] can be used safely and effectively by people of all ages and it should be available without unnecessary and arbitrary barriers.”

While the generic versions of Plan B will still have labels stating that the contraceptive is meant for “women of 17 years of age or older,” the product is to remain on retail shelves without a requirement to produce proof of age, NPR reports.

“We hope and expect that all manufacturers of generic [emergency contraception] products will submit applications with the suggested labeling to the FDA immediately,” added Arons.

“The sooner generic [emergency contraception] becomes available without point-of-sale restrictions, the sooner people will be able to purchase a more affordable, timesensitive, back-up birth control option without delay.”

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