Trayvon Martin: A Look Back On The Case From Then To Now

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  • Two years ago, the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin at the hands of volunteer night watchman George Zimmerman in a Florida suburb shocked the nation. Galvanized by the unfortunate event, supporters rallied in great numbers around the country calling for justice. As was realized at Zimmerman’s trial last July, Martin’s killer would walk free while the family mourned the loss of their son.

    Since the tragedy took place, the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law that Zimmerman used in his defense case has reared its head again in other cases that many feel are injustices. Most recently, the trial of Michael Dunn and his killing of Florida teen Jordan Davis served as an ugly reminder of the Martin case by way of the similar and questionable racial implications.

    As noted in an investigative story by MSNBC, African-American citizens who lived near where Martin lost his life have been trying to process the happenings of the case. Given the fact that Zimmerman’s verdict last summer didn’t go exactly as hoped made matters worse, and there are many in the area who feel that they’ll never receive fair treatment under the law.

    NewsOne traveled to Sanford in 2012, the case still fresh in the minds of many. The passion and pain exhibited by the largely African-American crowd in attendance was matched and perhaps eclipsed by Travyon’s parents, Tracey Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Their bravery in addressing the crowd and graciously greeting supporters spoke volumes about their character and they continue to keep their son’s memory alive to this day.

    Ms. Fulton has refused to be silent, using her grief as a powerful starting point for a national debate regarding racial injustice, gun violence, and the Stand Your Ground laws. In fact, this Friday Ms. Fulton will speak at University of Connecticut’s Student Union Ballroom. In a joint statement published within a press release for this event, Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin showed their support of the Jordan Davis family.

    “The killing is yet another reminder that, in Florida, racial profiling and stereotypes may serve as the basis for imaginary fear and the shooting and killing of young teenagers,” Martin’s parents said in a joint statement. “We walk with Jordan in defining his legacy to reflect our hopes by advancing love and tolerance in his memory, and continuing the fight against unjust gun laws.”

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