Is “Reverse Racism” Possible? Comedian Destroys the Myth [MUST WATCH]

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  • Australian comic, Aamer Rahman, shatters the myth of “reverse racism” in less than 3 minutes in the video above. We think he hits the nail on the head! What do you think?

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    10 thoughts on “Is “Reverse Racism” Possible? Comedian Destroys the Myth [MUST WATCH]

      • Indeed Rahman’s views are coming from a point of deep hurt and pain, and that prevents him from seeing how ALL people can be victims of racism and that it’s the duty of all of us who wish the world to be a better place to resist the scourge wherever we see it at work, REGARDLESS of the person’s background it is affecting.

    1. C’mon Family.Surely we can be on ONE accord that this is TRUTH.When whites try to accuse Blacks of being racist they are only playing mind games with words.This video is the kind of ‘In your face Take Down’ that we All need to combat this asinine notion that WE can be racist.

      PLEASE ,Spread this one around.

      • Woa Missy. What you are suggesting is a little too REAL. Tom would turn three shades darker and grow some hair,Roland might never wear an ascot again and Fruity Bootie Don would turn straight and date Black women. Why are you trying to expose WhiteSupremecy/Racism? lol (Great suggestion)

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