‘Pretty. Period.’ Website Celebrates The Beauty Of Black Women

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As an academic, I could have simply written about it (which I did) or discussed it in my classrooms (which I do), but after doing this work for what feels like my entire life, I’m at a point where I would much rather create than to critique.

Enter ‘Pretty. Period,’ a (soon to be) transmedia project created as a visual missive in reaction to the oh-so-popular, yet oh-so-offensive “compliment” – “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” Our collective response is, “No, we’re pretty. PERIOD.”

Showcasing girls and women of brown-to-dark complexions in the truth of their beauty, ‘Pretty. Period’ emerges as a visual tribute to brown skin, a visional testament to Black beauty, and a vision board for healing – both ours and yours.

With backhanded compliments like, ”You’re so pretty, for a dark-skinned girl,” frequently flying around, it’s fine time that Black women have a place to go where they can just be pretty and feel appreciated. This site warms my soul. Check it out and tell us what you think about it.

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Originally seen on http://hellobeautiful.com/

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