Jackie Joyner Kersee And The Boys and Girls Club Get Triple Fit

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During the Winter Olympics coming up this February in Sochi, Russia, there will be several track athletes like sprinters turned bobsledders Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams that have made the transition from summer to winter sports. Kersee, once viewed as the best female athlete in the world says that while she’s participating in some of the events surrounding the upcoming Games, she was never tempted to be a winter sports athlete.

“At one time, I was asked, but I wasn’t familiar with it and I was more afraid of the cold weather with of my asthma,” says Kersee. “I’m sure I could have, but I was trying to make sure I kept my asthma under control. Even now with the crazy weather in the E. Saint Louis area, it would trigger it. It’s great that the track and field athletes can move over the bobsledding event and bring a lot of recognition to it. It’s great for those that are able to do it.”

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One thought on “Jackie Joyner Kersee And The Boys and Girls Club Get Triple Fit

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