Postal Worker Saves Twin Boys Tossed From Burning Bronx Apartment

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    Israel Codner, left, and his twin brother, Ishmeal, both 11 months. (Source: Family Photo via New York Daily News)

    In what could have been a tragic ordeal, the heroic actions of a postal worker helped save the lives of twin baby boys tossed from a burning Bronx apartment. Jermaine Shipley was heading to work Wednesday morning when he smelled smoke at his building, leaping into action to catch the twins who were tossed into his arms by their father.

    The dramatic event took place around 7 a.m. yesterday, as Shipley, 30, was heading to Greenwich, Conn., to begin his mail run for the day. After smelling the smoke, Shipley rushed back and got his wife and child to safety before looking for others in need of help. Shipley, a new dad himself, banged on all the doors when he heard the twins’ father, Everdean Codner, screaming for help.

    “It was just instincts. They just kicked in right away,” Shirley said to the New York Daily News. “I would want somebody to do the same for me.”

    Shipley ran to the back of the building and climbed on the roof of a shed where Codner, 32, was at a fire escape holding his 11-month-old boys Ishmael and Israel. Shipley got into position to catch the boys, who both left the building uninjured. Shipley handed off one of the babies to Codner’s nephew, Euwan Lynch, before jumping down from the shed with the second boy. The Codner family couldn’t have been more grateful.

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