Homeless N.Y.C. Man Releases First Mobile App

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McConlogue, for the most part, has brushed off the naysayers, “I would much rather have controversy and a ton of negative opinions if people ask the question of themselves,” he said. “The more important part is, what would you do personally? And what is the right thing do to? It’s a great way to not ignore the situation. I still don’t understand [the controversy]. It’s just two guys working on and learning to code,”  he added.

Though the app’s release signals McConlogue fulfilling his promise to Grand, their partnership isn’t over yet. Grand is already hard at work on Trees For Cars 2, the programmer says. In addition, he wants to expand his app in the near future.

“This is not a charity event; it’s a business,”  McConlogue said. ”[Grand] wants to turn Trees for Cars into a functioning carpooling service. He has a great vision, and he’s not done. This isn’t the last thing for him.”


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