Kevin Hart Donates $250K To Struggling Philadelphia School System

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Kevin isn’t trying to start a dialogue on politics. He only wanted to help out a city in need…his city. “I found my lane, helping my city. That’s my lane, trying to put my city on my back, uplift it and showing these kids that I give a damn. By showing them that I give a damn.” Kevin is definitely showing these disadvantaged kids that he cares. $250K is a whole lot of money and can do so much to help Philly’s education system.

During an interview with Hot 107.9′s Philly’s (PMS) Morning Show, Kevin explained why he decided to donate such a large amount from his own pockets:

“I bleed Philadelphia. There is gonna be other ways where I can help. This time, it was me going in my pocket alone, without sponsors or other people to add to it. The next time, because of the attention that this has drawn, I’ll get corporate companies to come in and get involved and help me raise money. This is definitely a start of something big for me. I’m jumping into this philanthropy world and for me, this is where I wanted it to start. How am I going to continue to raise money? I don’t know yet, that’s why I went into my pocket personally, but this is something that I’m going to take serious and go full steam ahead with it.”

We’re so proud of Kevin and it’s only the beginning. It feels good to see celebrities do good things with their wealth. Kevin will be visiting four Philly schools to talk about his donation with Mayor Michael Nutter.

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