Kwame Kilpatrick & Associate Face Up to 28 Years or More in Prison

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  • After organizing a “historic and unprecedented extortion scheme” from City Hall, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his partner Bobby Ferguson may be sentenced to 28 years or more if prosecutors have their way.

    U.S. attorneys for Michigan’s Eastern District issued the memo that stated Ferguson should serve 14-28 years and Kilpatrick 28 years in prison. They feel Kilpatrick’s crimes committed while in office for six years were a widespread and corrosive breach of trust” and exceeded the usual city and state corruption cases to their knowledge.

    “Kwame Kilpatrick was entrusted by the citizens of Detroit to guide their city through one of its most challenging periods. The city desperately needed resolute leadership. Instead it got a mayor looking to cash in on his office through graft, extortion and self-dealing,” the memo recommending Kilpatrick’s sentence read.

    According to prosecutors, Kilpatrick transferred $127 million in contracts through the mayor’s office to Ferguson. Ferguson was working as a contractor and head of Ferguson Enterprises. Kilpatrick was convicted of 24 charges, including racketeering, extortion, attempted extortion, bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and filing false tax returns, after a five-month federal trial that concluded in March.During Kilpatrick’s administration, Ferguson is said to have extorted around $73 million worth of contracts and fees and convicted on nine counts.

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    8 thoughts on “Kwame Kilpatrick & Associate Face Up to 28 Years or More in Prison

    1. Everything we touch turns to shit. Look at the black areas of Chicago, Detroit, Gary, IN; Haiti, most of south Africa, the NBA…; Why can’t we do right? If we were Kings and Queens WTF happened??

    2. At first I felt the brother was alright.But as time passed the same old thing happen. He felt he could steal like ole slavemassa and get away with it too. I wonder do these black negrows,sell-outs realize that slavemassa is not going to let them steal like he does. These days it’s always some prime example of some black person put in a position of power and then ole slave massa just waiting to finally bust them stealing.
      it’s like being caught stealing chickens from the chicken pen.

      • Soul60: You must be like 600 years old. Can you please at least use words that are conducive to 2013!! All the slave / massa talk is for the birds

    3. If they are clearly guilty of these crimes. Let these sell-outs be sent to a white owned and operated prison plantation to pay back all what was stolen. Maybe this might wake up and teach a major lesson to the rest of these elist type black’s negrows who sell poor black people out also.

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