Tasha’s Birthday Bash 

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After Tasha’s opening, she was gearing up for her big birthday bash. Suzie came by to visit Tasha before the bash to catch up and help her get dressed. While the ladies were chatting, Tami called Tasha to let her know she wouldn’t be attending the party because she’s sick from the asbestos that was lingering in the walls at Tasha’s weave bar opening! Talk about the shade!!

Tasha tried not to let Tami’s comments agitate her and let it be known that she’s not scared of Tami or of any of them, just so they know!

When it’s finally time for the party, Ev, Shaunie and Suzie arrived to the party before Tasha and were shocked to find that she was no where to be found. After waiting around for a while, they decided to leave the vibeless party before Tasha even showed up. When Tasha finally did arrive, she only had one question, “where are they?”

This isn’t going to end well..

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