Report: Lamar Odom Missing; Families Fear He’s on a Crack Binge

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  • Looks like Lamar Odom‘s life is in total disarray at this point.

    The latest, according to TMZ, is that simply up and vanished and folks associated with him are extremely concerned. They are scared that he’s off on a drug binge.

    At this point, folks on both the Odom and Kardashian sides of the families, haven’t had contact with him in over a week or more. They are especially concerned about him doing crack cocaine.

    As TMZ first reported Khloe Kardashian threw him out of the house Wednesday after attempting an intervention which Lamar squarely rejected.

    We’ve already told you Lamar’s been battling addiction for at least 2 years — and even reluctantly agreed to go to rehab in San Diego a year ago … although he bailed after 3 weeks.

    TMZ‘s sources say Lamar Odom has started losing it since basketball season ended and he became a free agent.

    Those sources say his drug addiction is the core reason why his marriage to Khloe has fallen apart.

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    One thought on “Report: Lamar Odom Missing; Families Fear He’s on a Crack Binge

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