Heading to D.C. For The March? Here’s What You Need to Know

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TJMS: The last we heard from Rev. Al, there were over 700 buses coming into the city. Have you heard another number?

Elliot: We’ve heard a lot of numbers. The process with buses coming into the city is that they have to actually register through the DC Department of Transportation, which makes it easier for us to track and the Department of Transportation gives them a place to stage during any event in the city. And one of the major staging places is RFK Stadium, which has been sold out, at least one of the major parking lots. We have seen a lot of buses being registered, and we anticipate this week especially and us trying to find places to stage in the city.

TJMS: So how many people do you think are actually coming?

Elliot: That’s the question of the year. We anticipate thousands of people coming to the city. It’s kind of hard to tell, because hotels aren’t necessarily sold out quite yet. More than likely, people will come in for the 24, the actual date (the anniversary date of the original March) is the 28th, so we anticipate people coming in for this weekend and then returning for the 28th as well. We think a lot of people will be in the city but we don’t know an actual number yet. For information on hotels, activities, national historic sites and more in the Washington, D.C. area, click here. http://washington.org/

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