Pooch Hall: I Didn’t Leave “The Game,” “The Game” Left Me

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And then Showtime was like – it’s cable so they can do things differently – I can still do “The Game.” I told [my agent] ‘I’ll take the deal [at BET].’ They never returned my agent’s phone calls or emails for a long time. I couldn’t understand it. I’ve never done anything wrong over there. It’s all good. I think I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Though the two actors once described themselves as “brothers from another mother” the relationship between Hall and actor Hosea Chanchez, who plays Malik on “The Game:” has apparently cooled. The two were caught up in a Twiter beef earlier this year when Chanchez, who is not a regular on Twitter, responded to what he felt were negative tweets from Hall about his departure from “The Game.” You can read that exchange in its entirely here. 

“I just want to say also I have no problem with Hosea,” Hall said. “I never said anything negative about BET. The stuff happened when Tia left and she put out the statement that she wasn’t returning and the fans went crazy. With that being said, I wasn’t sure where I stood because I hadn’t heard back from them. I was talking to Mara (Brock Akil, creator of  “The Game”) giving her the updates on “Ray Donovan” but we still had no deal in place. The only thing I did was retweet what the fans were saying to BET like ‘don’t mess this up.’”

Hall’s move to ‘Ray Donovan” seems like a good one, regardless as the show, about a Hollywood fixed played by Live Schreiber who has some serious daddy issues with his ex-con father played by Voight has already been picked up for a second season. Catch it on Showtime Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

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8 thoughts on “Pooch Hall: I Didn’t Leave “The Game,” “The Game” Left Me

  1. In case within you, you, rather than uncertainty and dread.

    Did your girlfriend already said goodbye make ex girlfriend want you back to you.

    These are beautiful words which you can get through it though, I
    promise that you will not regret it. It’s not that Raven would have been a
    strong presence in her childhood life.

  2. Pooch I miss u please call them back we need u if they can bring a fake Kelly on the show they def can make a fake malinde for u the show is not the same we crave to see what the church boy get into lol!! The show is so wack they made malik mom pregnant smh!! Please bet get it together

  3. I am an accountant and could have written a more grammatically correct article than the “journalist” who put this piece together. BTW: His name is spelled LIEV Schreiber, not Live.

  4. Pooch I LOVE seeing u & Tai on the Game but I think it is going b CANCEL again NOT good 2 me any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t waste your time trying to explain what happened anymore. It is painfully obvious the effect your departure and Tia’s has had on the quality of the show.

  6. A job is a job, just more money involed sometimes. Hollywood actors go thru the same thing we all go thru in our careers. there are good bosses and bad bosses. Good co workers and bad co workers. In time, you learn; if you havent already. It’s every man for himself and God for us all.

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