Raheem Devaughn Releases Trayvon Martin Tribute ‘Trigga Man’

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  • Soul singer Raheem Devaughn released a moving tribute to the late Trayvon Martin featuring rapper Styles P.

    The song starts off with an excerpt from President Obama’s statement following the Zimmerman verdict where he stated “…If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.”  (scroll to the bottom to listen )

    The song goes onto to reflect on various possible life moments that were snatched from Martin’s life because of his death.

    Devaughn sings:

    Dear assassinator, dear murderer
    Did you ever stop to think
    That I coulda been a teacher, a preacher or played power forward
    That I coulda been a surgeon, a father, a grandpa one day
    But you, YOU’RE A DREAM KILLER….

    The song ends with an excerpt from a news report detailing the death of unarmed teenager Jordan Davis who was murdered in Jacksonville, Florida because he and his friends were playing their music too loud, saying:

    “Seventeen-year-old Jordan Russell Davis was fatally shot and killed by a forty-five year old man by the name of Michael Dunn. Now apparently Michael Dunn was in Jacksonville, Florida for his son’s wedding. And he pulled up next to a sports utility vehicle in a red car, and he noticed that the music was too loud — he couldn’t handle the loud music. So he rolled down his window, and he asked the guys in the car to turn it down. Somehow, a verbal altercation ensued, and it gets to a point where Michael Dunn gets a gun, and he starts shooting at the several black men in the car, okay…?”

    What do you think of the song?

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